Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Eye of the Storm

That's where I believe I am.  You see that storm approaching and you know it's bad.
Rough seas ahead and there's nothing to stop its approach.
You know your world will be rocked and your faith tested.
You cling to the island of peace as though for dear life.
Anticipation and the fear of the unknown grip the heart.
Finally a the last peace before the maelstrom.
The fury is breathtaking.
Then as quickly as that it's fury seems spent.
You know it's over but how sweet this respite.
Few storm relics remain
We look out waiting for the next onslaught.
Soon the other half will be here's not yet over.


  1. Replies
    1. Beauty in the midst of pain often happens...wish it could come without current agony yet such choices are seldom ours. Thank God for grace.

  2. Praying things get better there for you and yours..the weather this year has been so severe and crazy.. stay safe.

    1. A long road appears to lie ahead my friend. Thank you for your prayer.

  3. You having are bad weather's but we having cold raining weather most of days too.
    Lovely dogs need to be nice to waiting warm time.

    1. The weather is actually mostly great :)