Friday, July 3, 2015

Fiery Darts & Still Waters

I'm a day late posting...hopefully not a dollar short.  Our family is going through a crisis...plain and simple.  Those times come to us all.  Like smoke from the fires in summer
The smoke can sting the eyes and cloud the vision.  There's bright spots of peace to be found but you must be willing to look for it
Smoke lets you know there's fire
But it doesn't have bring only misery
Right now in our difficulty the bright point of God's mercy and comfort warm me.  The kids...oh how thankful I am for them.  My son returned from driver's ed.  and saw a large bull frog in the middle of the road.  we brought him home to show Gabby
Biggest I've seen around here.  We took one more picture before releasing him in the pond
Little simple flowers caught my eye and somehow brightened my personal darkness
Even thistles have their beauty
Subtle purples
This is simple pleasure but it fuels peace.  Like a flicker of faith in desperate need the morning sun kissed this flower
May our light so shine.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks John, it's truly needed.

  2. Praying, Joe. Your photos are beautiful, and I love the frog!

    1. Much appreciated will work! That frog was a highlight of today!

  3. What a huge Bull Frog and it is so tame. We have none that huge here in New Zealand.

    1. He really was both big and to experience! Thanks for visiting!