Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here's Looking At You

We found a beautiful turtle the other day...he's quite literally looking at you
Summer's approach is so wonderful to witness
The pond is so alive with frogs and birds
Note the handsome drake in the above picture.  This pond is such a joy to me
The view beyond is part of what I love so much about our state
The view may not be fancy but it's awesome to me
Simple pleasures they may be but I'm fine with that
Things like going out to witness amazing cloud formations always captures me
It brings me hope
There's enough dark clouds in about the silver lining
Our blue sky is so clean and bright
and the sunsets...
They cap the day beautifully


  1. Beautiful photos, Joe! I love turtles, and your photo here looks like a red-eared slider, but I am not sure because I cannot see the sides of its head. Whatever, he is lovely! :)

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head Linda! Our neighbor thought the same thing!

  3. the foto with the light between the clouds is super and love the turtle welcome
    Love ur nature Joe.I understand that u love the place where u are
    nature at its best But sometimes with the winter hmmmm maybe i travel south better

    1. Spring/summer's what I'm all about!