Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dog Days of Almost Summer

It's nice out there...really nice.  There's been heat, lots of rain and the plants love this mushroom can attest
This big fellow was all alone in the front yard
My flowers are doing well too
Birds have been having many chicks...we've even found several eggshells
The sky is filled with awesome popcorn clouds
I love this time of year best of all
Not too hot, not too cold...just right
And where is the dog of this day?  Well, she's right here
At night the cloudy popcorn turns to brilliant hues
Evenings are alive with frogs and birds preparing to roost
If you're willing to wait the dying light is awesome
The end of another day God has made


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Linda. Times just now are very difficult but surroundings like this are a salve to the soul.

  2. all my favorite type of scene that I usually post to Flickr. Gorgeous my brother.

    1. So amazingly good to hear from you today!