Thursday, October 23, 2014

Still Falling

What can I say?  I’m loving the beautiful fall days we’ve been havingDSC03554.  It does mean some raking today but I’m ok with that.  The leaves are falling faster nowDSC03555and I know this season soon will be devoid of leaves…at least on the treesDSC03557.  Leaves are now gathering in large leaf puddles on the groundDSC03558.  The leaves on the trees look like yellow flames nowDSC03559.  Some trees are already barrenDSC03560.  I love the lighting right nowDSC03561and I enjoy the leaves crunch beneath my feetDSC03562.  I love the jig saw patterns fallen leaves make on our rocksDSC03563.  Fall is well named I thinkDSC03564.  The magnificent yellows of this tree seems surrealDSC03565.  This is fall fire with unique flareDSC03567…and I love the deep blue sky behind it allDSC03569.  The sun is so bright and golden tooDSC03570.  Fall has come invited or notDSC03571…and the table is setDSC03572.