Thursday, October 16, 2014


Fall is moving right along…there’s more and more leaves on the ground…outnumbering the ones that remain in some places.  Still there’s a tremendous beauty in this seasonDSC03544.  Gold is prevalent for our fall color collageDSC03545 but there are other accentuating colors tooDSC03546.  Our rock borders are getting with the fall spirit tooDSC03547.  Some leaves are brown and gold…interesting in their inevitable declineDSC03548.  The few reds our there always capture my lensDSC03550.  Gold on blue…who doesn’t like thatDSC03551?  Some greens remain as well, punctuated by fallen goldDSC03552.  It’s a season of change and beauty indeed!


  1. Tremendous beauty indeed, Joe. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Love the new background Joe! And your images are awesome. Autumn is wonderful, isn't it?

  3. im compleet summer lover and spring But Autumn is colorfull More then anything
    Im not a snow fan But like to watch when im behind a window. Wierd?? maybe
    Or born in a wrong place lol

    1. I often think that if winter were about a month long I'd be fine😅. Trouble is seasons never ask how long we'd like them to be.