Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Power of Perspective

One thing that I have always enjoyed about photography is the way you can alter how things look just by changing the position of the camera.  Sometimes Lovely and I can look pretty comical positioning ourselves for a shot that shows something common in a different light than usual.  Sometimes I like to just make a picture look sort of half an halfother times I like to make something as simple as sage brush look like a forest.  Sometimes I find that this leads me to an angle I fancy for other things and I get sort of a theme going for awhile.  Mostly I feel I’m sort of an photographic accident looking for a place to happen.  I take a picture and quite by accident I find that I just like something about it.  This is something I really enjoy actually because I feel it has a lot more to do with me stumbling on a secret that God has been working on.  I noticed a lot of purple in the fields this year…not sure if this was new or that I didn’t notice it quit as much as before last time we were here.  Looking down the road we often walked at different times of day really opened up new light situations.  I rarely feel I can accurately capture the lighting of the moment but these I’m well pleased within fact I’m thinking perhaps fall doesn’t have a monopoly on golden light at sunset after all.  Sometimes taking pictures of wildflowers can lead to unexpected finds…notice the little white spider here.  We found these spiders in various colors as we walked…I think they’re quite amazing.  Staying in a cabin means that when the storms of the afternoon rolled in we could enjoy it and not worry about how strong they would be.  I was amazed to see how much snow was in the mountains still.  This is why I don’t feel too thrilled to see fall rolling around again.  Our winter was truly long and brutal last season.  Some flowers seem to be made to pose for a picture.  These are the times that I hope the kids will remember all their lives.  There were cicadas aplenty during our stay…they are not like the ones I remember when we lived in Oklahoma.  Looking at these things makes the troubles of the day melt away…it’s not just pictures that sometimes need a change of perspective to become extraordinary…life often needs a change in this regard too.  Seeing through they eyes of faith really does change everything.  Many times when I’d walk and was feeling low just looking up at the endless blue sky would lift my spirits.  Look up my friends…the challenges of today will be the victories of tomorrow if we don’t give up.  Faith changes the whole equation. 


  1. To take a walk with God, is to recharge the batteries.

  2. Enjoyed your photo's Joe....

  3. Your pictures are always so interesting and very beautiful. They show the power and love of God.

  4. Those are just crazy good, Joe. It's good to see those things through your eyes. It does make you look at the small, everyday things in a different light, doesn't it? Makes one grateful that one CAN see them and appreciate them. Thanks for sharing these little gems with us.

  5. The photos are wonderful Joe, except for the spider because I am afraid of them!!

    Beautiful words too my friend.

  6. Hi Joe,

    Great pictures, I love all flowers especially purple ones.

    Great words, especially "Look up my friends…the challenges of today will be the victories of tomorrow if we don’t give up. Faith changes the whole equation

  7. The photos are beautiful and I will remember all the time too.
    No difficult words for me LOL!
    Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.

  8. Joe I felt you were relaxing more and more on these walks and really starting to just become a part of it. I always love the perspective down on the ground. Suddenly everything looks so different. Love your sage forest. Oh mountains scenes are so beautiful and the roads you walked on. How wonderful the rain shower that would come and you could be snug with your family till they passed. It has all made me relax as well just hearing your perspective. Thank you for sharing another wonderful blog. Have a blessed week. Hugs Carrie

  9. Isn't it wonderful to be out in the middle of nowhere, just enjoying a peaceful walk, and enjoying all the little things around us. It does make one have a different perspective.

    I enjoyed looking through your lens, and seeing your perspective, and your creativity which is a wonderful gift that the Lord has given you. Thank you for sharing a little bit of you.

    I have a little saying I like to say at times, and it is,"When things look down, look up"! I enjoyed what you wrote here also, and yes, Faith makes all the difference in the world, and sure does change the whole equation.
    We can be reassured that God is in control, and nothing surprises Him.
    Take care my friend and have a wonderful week ahead.
    Dianne :)

  10. I love the music playing..I didn't reach for the mute, and still listening after reading this quite a few times. I like Metallica. My kind of thing.
    You showed me the perspective in your photos that I mentioned before. That's the best way to take a photo..try the various angles and on the ground is one of the best to put a new look to something that would have otherwise been mundane.

    I know you know all too well about broken bones what with your mom's ankle. You say the misery up close and personal. I maintain however that the leg thing going on was worse than the broken wrist. :-) Your prayers for me were needed and deeply appreciated and even more importantly, counted on. I thank you for them and you can count on me as your wing man. (in a manner of speaking).

    I just wrote a bloggie.

  11. Joe I love the photos and to be honest I had to stop and laugh . Im too am a photographic accident waiting to happen somedays and you know those are the best of times out with a camera when you dont have a care in the world and all you want to do is take photos and enjoy the time. I love that. I just love it and will always. Good thing I dont take photos for a job. I would not last.
    Wonderful blog. I did notice alot of purple this year more than the last ten or more.
    I always leave here with a smile . Thanks for that. Have a blessed and wonderful week ahead. Cant wait to see what you have next. Oh and I don not like your big bug. :)

  12. My challenge is try to change the unfair things of life. Small things mean sometimes more than we can imagine
    Im looking forward to leave for Sri Lanka..very soon
    Busy with organising fundraising ( quiz) and the usual works at office.I hope to get some breath this week. Wish u all the best Joe .