Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to the Fields

It was a real battle to get my dear bro from Africa here to our little city from Chicago where he’d been holding some meetings with a pastor there who is also a very dear friend of ours.  One of our other friends from North Carolina had some health issues arise and couldn’t make it so it’s been very interesting.  None the less we get a breather come Saturday and hope to have the day with him which we are very excited about.  Life hands you lemons…make lemonade! 

Back to the fields..yes, that’s the title.  Visiting the little stores in the tiny dot’s sometimes called towns here in Montana is something I actually enjoy.  This seems like a blast from the past and somehow brings me real peace…seems like the shadow of better times…except there’s still today’s high prices.  Going back to the cabin we find a different view of things.  I treasure seeing similar things a different wayor maybe it’s just finding new joy in the familiar…I don’t know.  I never tire of looking up the gentle hills to the big blue sky.  Yeah, I’ve seen it before but it seems fresh and new every single year.  The mercies of God are fresh and new each day…this seems to mirror that.  This looks so much like the view we enjoyed when we owned land on the Stillwater River ourselves many years ago.  The high points and low compliment each other out here.  This is the land of emerald grass and purple mountains majesty.  I can see what settlers of old must have treasured back in the day here.  Not many animals to speak of this time though we did see a bear several yards away from the cabin we stayed in.  Animals or not, I love this countryside!  This land seems to take my troubles and cast them to the wind.  Walk the fair weather road with meand let your troubles slip away.  Nothing to hear but the quite babble of a hidden stream or far away screech of a Red Tail Hawk or faint knocking of a Wood Pecker.  Sufficient are the evils of the day…let your burdens that may be tomorrow rest for now.  There will be new mercies for the challenges of tomorrow.


  1. Lovely pics,Joe! Very Inspiring blog, Thank you!

  2. The familiar soothes the soul somehow like touching the comforts of the past. Beautiful photos and verse. Thanks for sharing my friend. I wish you a fun and inspiring time with your friend visiting from Africa.

  3. We share that feeling out in the open or just around God's pure beauty that He created for our enjoyment. I know He notices when we enjoy and give thanks each day for the gift of life and joy.

  4. Montana was attractive to the early settler until they experienced the bitterness of winter. Cattle died and so did crops. There had to be changes.

    The glory of God walks in the land, sharing its beauty.

  5. Hi Joe,

    Your title is perfect in that is what I see when I view the land , sea and sky though your lens is peace and Stillness.

    Beautiful my friend.

    Leaves me with peace.

    Enjoy your visit . I know you have been excited.

    Have a great rest of whats left of this night and Weekend ahead.
    Joe Im seeding Love to your Family

  6. If we just look beyond our noses we see God everwhere. The pictures are awesome.

  7. If we just look beyond our noses you can't help but see God everywhere. The pictures are awesome.

  8. God should be present in everything we see or do.
    Great pictures Joe.

  9. love the pictures , hope you have a great visit with your friend,

  10. The great pictures.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Hello Joe,

    Hope you are having or have had a very blessed visit.

    Your post is apt in many ways for me today, I feel I am being handed a lot of lemons, so I must remember to make the lemonade.

    Although my daughter and grandson are no longer in plaster, they have many needs and problems, as do other members of my family, medical and otherwise and I feel today rather burdened, I know I must hand it over and I am trying to. So off to try and make some lemonade and remember, that there will be new mercies for the challenges of tomorrow (thank you for that, needed to hear it)

    God Bless - Nita

  12. Hope you are enjoying your time with your South African Brother, certainly something that doesn't happen everyday....

  13. Actually my friend he is from Ghana, West doesn't happen often though we did visit him in Ghana last year.

  14. The mountains like to ocean to me are two things I could never tire of just sitting and stare at them for hour after hour and enjoy their beauty. I am hypnotized by them each and every time I've ever visited. Wisconsin is beautiful and we've always called it God's country but there's something about the mountains and the ocean that makes me want to move. You're pictures makes me want to go back again.

  15. Hi Joe was having problems commenting early on yours and a few others. I think it is working now. I love just these scenes. I wrote a ton of stuff last time I tried commenting so I am so tired of writing and it doesn't take. Anyway you know how much I love this area. I did visit your previous blog as well but it didn't take my comment last time there. I loved your squirrels perspective there. Have a wonderful week.

  16. Hi Joe, I am thinking of how Blessed you have been weather wise, for your friend from Africa. It is good that he doesn't have to endure the cold weather, and I am sure you are enjoying all that warm weather as well. :)
    It has been cool here and raining for the past week. I am sure glad I went to Algonquin Park the week before when it was sunny and warm. It is suppose to warm up again and be nice for our Thanksgiving Weekend which is coming up at the end of this week.:)

    I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all the beautiful landscapes of Montana. I would love to go there some day, and see the emerald hills , blue sky and the majestic mountains. It all looks so wonderful and peaceful.
    Have a wonderful week Joe.
    Dianne :)

  17. How can anyone not believe in God when looking at the beautiful world He created.Your photos always leave a calming effect.