Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet Resistance with Persistence

I feel like I’ve turned a corner somehow.  I have known a growing frustration with so many things whether that be the terrible price of gas to being so disgusted with the politics in this country and the sense that nobody is even fighting for the true cause behind what makes the news.  My son’s birthday was on Tuesday and that really started me to thinking about what was most important.  None of the world events can change the fact that God is still on the throne and His blessings are still relevant and even right in front of my face.  I’m going to really endeavor to keep things in perspective and that will effect my attitude toward blogging and even Face Book.  I’ve noticed a real drop in activity on my blog and on Face Book…or maybe that’s a drop in interest in what I’m doing…not really sure about that honestly.  Whatever the cause I will keep my focus and try to please God with it.  I believe that from that those that really do care and support me will be blessed in turn and those that don’t care…well, what does that matter to me? 

Our weather took yet another down turn that unfortunately will last for at least five days outside of Friday which looks pretty good.  I remain so thankful for memories that are archived from our trips past!  I wish I could look out the door and see bamboo forestsinstead of grey skies and brown grass still attempting to turn green.  It’s good to see spring show up on my friend’s blogs too!  Recently one of the blogs I follow put up some pictures that were from a graveyard…strange to see signs of spring there don’t you think?  I have a bit of a morbid side as those that know me can testify.  I took several pictures of the graveyards of Japan.  I want to do that in Europe someday…but I don’t know if anyone would want to join me!  The Japanese had many things dedicated to seeking favor or luck from spiritual sourcesbut as for me I will continue to seek God who makes those that believe His temple.  Oh how I miss the well cared for gardens and ancient trees of Japan!  Have you ever walked in the rain with someone you love?  I have in a place that has beauty that is beyond anything I’ve witnessed anywhere else.  Some things I can’t imagine seeing anywhere else in the world.  Yes, Japan is very unique.  I’m not sure of the color orange has some significant meaning but it does cause these doors to pop don’t you think?  Everywhere in the places you visit in Japan you can find stations to wash your hands in very pure but icy cold water.  I couldn’t get used to the familiarity of pine forests that I know so well here in Montana being the backdrop to ancient temples that were anything but familiar to me.  I found myself often trying to read the signs before I caught myself and realized it was way beyond me to do so!  Unusual shrines were everywhere…even on the side of a well used road.  Spectacular ropes garnished with lightning bolt decorations graced particularly special sights.  We walked through the tori gates in the pouring rain…I felt the profound sense that God was speaking to us about stepping into a new chapter of our lives.  They say walking in such a place is one of the things that you simply must do before you die and I believe it.  I say this with tears in my eyes in light of all that’s happened.  Lovely and I have often spoken of going here during the cherry blossom season.  Lovely and I weren’t the only ones who made friends with those who spoke a different language.  I think there must be a place like this in heaven somehow.  Sometimes the most beautiful light you can ever know is through the leaves.  I would like to walk this place in the evening when stone lanterns are lit.  For now I must be satisfied with faith.  Faith that there’s always a silver lining and hope through God in whom I place my faith.  The mysterious courtyards of life can never be opened without turning the key of faith.


  1. Some people are so fickle that all they see is.... what have you done for me today so they off seeking the next high.

    So I ask myself what role do they have in me and my relationship with God? God created these people now I have to accept that and leave that to the will of God.

    Have you read "Spoon River Anthology?"

  2. "Happy Birthday to Michael." I am trying to remember how old he is now...13? No, not 14?
    Your frustration is like many others today. I am glad you turned the corner. I am right behind you!

  3. Hi Joe,

    There is much to be frustrated about, but trying to turn the corner with you. Things do seem quiet on here and facebook, but then I have not been able to post much myself this week, so busy with grandchildren etc.

    God Bless

  4. I understand Joe! how hard with you between the god and our reality life today.
    But what can we do it? pretty much nothing???
    You look at all of the worlds it is most countries has a bad time with their economic...
    Place likes Japan would take a LONG TIME to recover from after devastated an Earthquake.
    AND never be the same as before at north of Japan? hope I was wrongly in this.

    The weathers as well that we never has this bad weather (Too dry or too wet)although only we has two season so far:-)

    The photos shows at Kyoto (Saga) one of Tofu dish restaurant,a beautiful in the winter's dish:-)
    I can tell you funny story of my friend.
    She has post about Japanese history of the temples there some of were upside downs in all history.
    I sent to her by email to told her:-)
    Have a great weekend with your loved ones.

  5. The country of your Wifes history is so very beautiful Joe. Your photos sure captured that and your words speak volumes. Amen to that . Keep on going Joe. God has a plan for you all and is not done by far as you . I love the grave yard and when you go out into the world again I want to see Ireland thought your lens and all the history.
    God Bless you Joe. My heart breaks for the Japan that once was and what it is now and all the suffering the people do in silence.
    I have walked in the rain with some one I love and it is wonderful. Lovely is just beautiful Joe. Blessings to you all.

  6. There is not much activity in blogger land lately, that is a fact. As for facebook, I rarely get on there. When I do a blog it is posted there automatically.
    The photos are wonderful Joe! Lovely is beautiful and you are fortunate to have each other as soulmates. I love the pic of your daughter and her little friend.
    Bless you all!

  7. Hi Joe, I've been trying to keep up on my blog reading but I've been very busy. My computer at work won't let me comment on blogs with the newer templates but I can still read them. And I'm sick to death of the rain. It seems like Nov. here instead of April. Rain almost every day lately.

  8. I have noticed a decline as well, not many coming to my updates either... Maybe things will pick up again. Wordpress has been quiet as well, we all have to get used to new things here on blogspot things not the same as windows live..
    Loved the photo's Joe
    Take Care
    Lady Jude

  9. No one much visits me either. BUT I visit you and the 5 or 6 others who come to see me. You guys are family. I'll not give up as long as you're all here. And you know how fond I am of you and your family.

  10. Hi Joe, Loved reading your blog, and your photos are always interesting , and shows the Beauty where ever you travel. I especially love the picture of Lovely standing in the rain with her umbrella, and the photo of your little girl and her friend. I loved what you said, about us being the Temple of our God. We can take such comfort in knowing He dwells in His people.
    Keep going strong Joe.
    I have not been able to keep up with peoples blogs, as much as I would like. There isn't a day goes by though that I don't think of my blog friends, and pray for many as I work day by day. We have been busy with the house, and my mom will be having surgery on May 17th. She is very close to having to have kidney dialysis. I have been busy taking her to Dr. appointments, and helping her as much as I can. Usually it is night time when I sit at my computer. We all live busy lives these days.
    Thank you for stopping by Joe, and leaving your comments. I do appreciate them so much, and I know it works both ways.
    Have a wonderful weekend Joe, and it won't be long and summer will be here. Maybe we will just skip Spring and go right into summer. I know I get down with all the cloudy cold days too. We sure need the sun (Son) don't we.
    Good night Joe, and God Bless you, and your family.
    Dianne :)

  11. Hi Joe,
    I think its the times we are in right now... everyone is just boggled down with all the nonense that is going on in this world of ours..I for one have been a hermit as of late... spring has the flu here in Mt.. as you well know.. and winter.. welll its working over time... just hope and pray that its payment is not enough for it to stick around much longer... we all need some warmth... and LIGHT in our lives right now... I love your blog.. and love talking with you from time to time.. your photos are beautiful and help me experience a place I will never see.. your words are like a healing balm to ones soul.. your a dear dear friend Joe.. thank you for all you do.. soft hugs

  12. Hi Joe
    Japan is in ur heart Its very clear to me.U want to feel and taste the spirit.I know.
    Why do we feel better some where else.??? eventhough we have our loved ones with us?? Joe the world is not busy with solving problems u can see it everywhere .Even in our little country that Belgium is..We Are without government since last year june. And the problems with Cardinal Vangheluwe.Its a never ending story.
    Congratz for ur son Joe.

    We just got back from Antwerp,To morrow there is a marathon.With ppl from all over the world.And ppl from Japan Joe. U wont belief.
    Whats gonna happen with Japan I think we dont know the end with the dangerous nuclear situation.
    God bless u and ur family

  13. Greetings Joe... I am still one of those people that believe that as long as there is more good in this world than bad, then life is good!! I'll make the best of it, despite what may be thrown my way. But I can relate to a lot you have said, absolutely.

    I have been on msn live spaces, migrated to wordpress and convinced to hop on Blogger my some of our mutual friends. I write/blog for me. At my age, my memory is starting to fade and blogging is a tool that I use to remind me of little things that I don`t want to forget. I blog to meet people like you! I am not a passive-aggressive attention whore. It really wouldn`t matter to me if no one ever read a single word I wrote. But, I sure am glad that people do and it`s always rewarding to have others respond!
    You have quite the space/page here... very well done! Thanks for letting me visit!

  14. Those are great photos of Japan and despite this past horrific blow to her country, she will rebuild and Japan will once again prosper... the people are strong and they have hope and faith and the support of so many worldwide. Cheers!

  15. Hi Joe,
    As you know I always back again to seen another look at your photos:-)
    In the rain day your wife does look very nice and your little Gabby with friends are so cute and not
    little girl anymore:-)

    The shrine spiritual sources cost 100 yen it not bad must be around 2006 time?
    I loved the raccoon stone at front of the restaurant.

    Hopefully these beautiful things stayed forever
    I prayed for God.

  16. I will choose the sharpest of stones to throw !

  17. Joe, many many sincere and happy thanks for your message in my blog just now.
    I wish I could be in your congregation to hear your message. It will be filled with the joy of salvation.