Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Countdown Continues

It’s been a very wild week.  The weather has been absolutely devastating and many have died.  I heard that one of those tornadoes was even an F-5.  That is a tornado that few see and live to tell about it.  I see it as another example of how we cannot know from day to day what will happen.  We must not take for granted the time we’ve been given on this earth.  The disaster in Japan is another perfect example of this.  Just think there are likely people in Alabama that thought it was tragic what happened in Japan and now they are not with us today…very sobering.  I think we are marching on to the end times.  This is one countdown that continues.  The other is the countdown to our departure to Ireland that is now at the two week point.  Once again I remind any that care that there will be no internet for us.  We will be staying in a rustic Irish home in a rural area near Dublin so I won’t likely be on-line until I get home.  I won’t forget you all if you don’t forget me!    I have a few pictures that I’ve taken around here…not much to get excited about but I’ll share them anyway.  Remember the hullabaloo over the big moon a while back?  I did get a couple pictures of it .  I’ve never done well getting pictures of the moon…I guess some things never change!  LOL!  My son turned 12 recently as well.  My wife made a very creative cake for himand at first glance I thought it was an actual bag of popcornand be honest, wouldn’t you?  The only thing that was “real” was the popcorn at the top of the cake!  I thought it was very cool!  Next we had a lot of excitement over some Sand Hill Cranes that came to visit us…they were far away so it’s a bit hard to see.  However what was exciting was it was a couple with one other Crane who looked to be a very young adult.  We hoped that they would find a spot to nest…sadly we’ve not seen them since.  Please excuse these far away and bad quality shots…it’s the best I could do at that range.  Next was of course Easter and the big egg hunt that we always do.  It was fantastic weather…about the best we’ve had in a very long time.  Who knows?  If this keeps up we may actually see some leaves this year!  LOL!  Anyway, it made for a very pleasant time both hidingand findingthe eggs.  The kids actually do like to eat them as well.  Gabby went to work on some of the eggs right away.  Besides, there were friends to be played with and they even brought a bunny!  It was a good time had by allbut I must say the rabbit may not have agreed with us on this point!  Only a post or two left before we’re gone for three weeks.  The countdown continues!


  1. F-5. wow. That is complete mind blowing Joe. I didnt know it was that bad and have stayed away from TV all week long.
    Have a wonderful trip abroad . I can not wait!!! for your view. I will be here when you all get back. See it all Joe. Have fun also.
    Loved your easter photos. We still have a small amount of snow and I still am scared to drive but have been . I have been out three times in the last month without my camera just getting the feel of the road and my confidence back. I guess Im still in shock. The people with all the tornadoes will never get over this.
    What a stressful event can do in either form to anyone. I know too well and this last year I have had enough
    Stay safe , Happy travels to you and your family and May God richly Bless you all

  2. I love the photos of the Children and the bunny . How sweet.

  3. Just love those pictures Joe. We won't forget you and will be waiting for the pictures and telling of you trip, as patiently as we can. :)

  4. The cake is awesome! Lovely is so talented. All of the photos are beautiful!

  5. Ah Joe,two weeks to go! You must be so excited, and so ready to hop on that plane to Ireland.:)
    Can't wait to hear all about it, and see your photos. And I for one wont forget you Joe. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love the cake. Lovely is so talented, and creative. Your pictures are a delight. Love your perspective and view.
    The place you will be staying at sounds wonderful, Beautiful and Peaceful. May God use you and Bless you all in your mission and travel.
    Have a great weekend and stay safe. The weather is so unpredictable all over the world it seems. I believe nature is growning for the return of our Great God, and Creator. I also believe He wants His people to look towards Heaven and eagerly wait for His return, and not get too comfortable here on this earth. This earth is only our temporary home. We are only passing through, and only what we do for God will last for eternity. There is work to be done. God in His Mercy wants to see many come to Him, before it is to late.
    None of us know what today or tomorrow will bring our way.
    Keep up the good work Joe.God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Heaven. God Bless You and have a wonderful time away on your Missionary Trip.
    Dianne :)

  6. We've even had a few touch down nearby, Joe, and I never expected to see tornadoes in the mountains. No damage here but communities to the north and south have been nearly obliterated. My wife (of Scotch Irish descent) is anxious to see what you shoot while in Ireland. Those are some fine looking younguns you got there!

  7. so true, joe! i think about the same sobering things as you discribed in the beginning of this post.
    i will keep you in my prayers for your ireland trip! time away from the internet might actually be a good thing. i bet you will be surprised. i will be looking forward to hear about what God does while youre there. my grandfather was scots/irish, but i know notheing about the irish line.
    add us in your prayers for the buyer God has for our house to show up post haste! we need to get this move behind us, for family and financial reasons. but we are resting our whole weight on God and His Word. what else is there?

  8. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Even though we can't comprehend the reasoning behind these disastous events, they often help bring out the best in mankind. Prayer is a powerful tool in helping your fellow man. My thoughts and prayers are with all our American friends.

  9. I can really hear the excitement in this post as you count down the days to your departure. I am happy and excited for you. Happy Be-lated birthday to your son... may the little guy have many more. I hope that he had a well balanced diet on his birthday... a spoonful of cake and a handful of popcorn.
    Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves this past Easter. Congrats!

  10. There's no better time than the present to stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend. Make the most of it, Monday comes fast.
    For You --->

  11. That rabbit so sweet in the arms of the kids.
    and Gabby watching like wowowow
    Joe i gave my colleague a special egg for her kids. U hide it somewhere and for half hr the egg speaks lik can u find
    so cute.
    For the tornadoes We saw on tv. Its horror.
    ppl sitting there watching everything ruined.Or even worse ppl died.Whats going on in this world?
    we see so much extreme things.and The cake Can u send me a piece lol
    looks specialhe wont forget that ever.
    tc Joe and stay calm Ireland will be oke.and no internet. well as we always say. we wait font worry.

  12. I loved seeing the children and Mike's cake. I used to be creative like that and they'd probably like me to continue to be so but I lost the knack. :-)

    Gabby is maturing. I can hardly believe my eyes. xox

  13. Absolutely fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

  14. I know Joe, where ever look outside of world that
    shows it bad things everywhere, Mother nature the devastation and still on too...
    Our weather has been a winter's time and my garden teh Maple trees has already lost all leaves without changing colour.
    But no where to complaing LOL!

    Your children photos are sweet with the rabbit
    plus the cake does look yummy.
    Please take care and safe trip Joe,
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  15. We will miss you while you're gone.