Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japan and Libya…What a Week


I never thought that we’d be seeing one of the biggest quakes ever and America opening a third front in yet another war all in one week.  We have had some success in getting my mother in law prepared to leave Japan.  The good news is she has her ticket in hand but the bad news is that she has to wait until the 2nd of next month to get out because of the disrupted traffic in Tokyo just now.  I will let everyone know when she finally makes it back to her home in the Philippines.  In the face of all that’s going on right now it can be easy to be overwhelmed and go back to our lives as if nothing is going on but I really am going to hold onto things and remember to pray to the best of my ability.  Being selfish leaves us in a shallow and narrow minded world…difficulty makes us want to pull inward but it’s life to think outward.  Before I continue on with the Chicago pictures I’d like to say that I’m strongly considering reposting the pictures I have of our trips to Japan.  I still find myself being in shock over what’s happened.  Lovely and I are determined to go back someday.  We love that country so much and feel so strongly tied to it.


In Ghana you have a name for the day you were born.  I am Kofi there because I’m Friday born…Pastor Leeford is a Kofi as well.  Perhaps this is why we got along so well!  We hope to bring him with us to the Philippines.  We have had to hold on with all we have to Ireland and the coming trip to the Philippines…not easy but the people need to know that we are not surrendering the vision so we’ve tried to keep the theme in the church and held fast to our international vision.  The meetings in Chicago always had God doing great thingsand it was a blessing to be with those that were from other countries here in America praising God!  I love to see God move on people from all over the world and know that in spite of the differences there is still the same God over us all!  We were used to different ways to come before God but together we were able to join in and have a totally unique service.  Pastor Leeford is unusual in that he very much loves praise and worship…which we happen to love very much too!  This is Emmanuel the keyboard player in the music team.  I like to tease pastor Leeford and tell him that his shoes distracted me during the service!  I really love this picture of Pastor Leeford and his wife Joyce!  Sister Joyce was a true blessings and wasn’t just friendly but a very powerful minister in her own right!  This is Tricia who has been with us for many years…she’s about the only one I’d ever say was like a mother to me except my own mom…her she is with Pastor Leeford’s daughter who reminded me so much of my own daughter.  Here is Emmanuel and I posing for a picture.  One more of Emmanuel, his mother and I


Chicago is a city of diversity…sometimes a little too much I think…yikes!  Finally we were about to head home to Montana but before we left we knew we had to have some of Chicago’s famous pizza!  We found a place that was nominated last year for the best pizza in Chicago and we go some…oh my gosh was it the best ever or what!  I had to leave you with your mouth watering!  Good things to come!  I will finish up with Chicago and then return to the pictures from Japan…I’m really looking forward to it!


  1. Thank you for sharing all this with us Joe, you make many valid points and observations - I love the worship pictures, we should all be able to come together to worship in many different ways. The main thing and common denominator being who we are worshipping, not how. I am pleased things are moving forward for your mother in law, albeit slowly - God Bless - Nita

  2. Joe I don't see the hand of God at work in the government much any more, no God has not left, He was kicked out. Much like Babylonia, will we respond like the Hebrews did or will we just go on our a merry way.
    I see the armed battles of the world and I see the disasters, not much I can do, but I can pray, donate some and do not forget.

    Keep the blog going with the sharing.

  3. Joe, I am so glad that things are moving forward to get your mother in law safely home.
    Thank you for sharing your trips and photos with us.

  4. The photo of the shoes distracted me...;-)
    Glad to hear your MIL got a ticket even though she has to wait. I enjoyed you sharing in this post. Prayer is powerful and if you didn't know my friend, you inspire me to be more outward. You inspire me my friend.

  5. This has had to have such an impact more so on all of you Joe. I m happy your Mom IL has her ticket and can soon..soon go home to her homeland. You all have been on my heart and in my Prayers.

    I smiled at all the photos here. They are peaceful and full of joy. I love the shoes too. hehe.
    I look so forward to your photos of Japan and seeing them though your lens and words. That will be a blessing.
    My Heart and My Prayers are with you all in this trying time. I know your all are thinking postive and relying most on he that is in charge laying it all down at his feet and and in the Hands of Our Lord. We are the ones Blessed.
    Your a blessing .
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Will be happy and relieved when you can finally say your MIL is back on her home soil. Keeping the prayers flowing.

  7. Oh I will pray that all goers well, Joe. I almost feel ..well..I'll email that.

  8. I'm happy for your mother in-Law can go back home
    early next month. but It is not safe in Tokyo to even drink the tap water and the foods as well?
    Imagine,you and your wife has worry about her situation now.
    hope everything okay with her the 2nd of next month.
    Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Have a nice weekend,

  9. Going back is on ur wish list Joe I know how that feels.Knowing that so much things are going on there with ur friends and the country u love.
    An u are miles and miles far away from them.
    Reading ur blog Joe..ifell the emotions again how i felt 6 years back with the tsunami
    Such emotions are a part of ur daily life.I wish ur mom in law a safe trip back to the Philipines
    and for all the ppl in Japan we pray.Cos what we hear on the news here is not good.
    Im looking forward for ur Japan fotoos.

  10. Joe, I am so glad to here of your MIL's progress to soon be able to head home to the Philippines. That is great news. I will continue to pray for her safe journey back home. It has to be so hard for her with all she has witnessed , and having to endure.
    Love the photos of all those wonderful people praising God.
    God Bless and have a wonderful Sunday.
    Sincerely, Dianne :)

  11. Glad to read your this post.
    Are the shoes so attractive that you're distracted?

  12. That pizza sure looks scrumptious, one of my faves. I hope your M-I-L is headed home today.
    I'm so behind and I'm trying to catch up. I'll be waiting for news that she got home safe and sound.