Thursday, March 17, 2011

Earthquakes, Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdowns

This has been a week that I figure has been one of the most difficult I can remember.  Tragedies have been something that has become almost routine in the world here lately but the mess in Japan transcends even the terrible trouble in the Middle East…at least for us it’s more personal.  Many of you may know that my wife’s mother is in a suburb of Tokyo and we have been to Japan twice and have many people we love there.  My wife lived in Japan with her mother for some time before we were married carrying for her mother when she had a major surgical procedure. The current situation is that we are attempting to transfer money to my MIL’s account so she can return to the Philippines.  She has been preparing to retire and return to the Philippines for some time…fact is she planned to be back there by the end of next month.  Her finances were tied up in this process and who could have predicted this happening in the middle of all her plans?  The trouble now is most getting her to the airport.  We saw just how difficult it was to get back and forth from the airport on our trips there…many hours by train and bus and now with the rolling black outs and damaged roads this is much more complex not to mention the long lines of people trying to get out of Japan.  Please remember this in prayer and do not forget the people of Japan…the situation with the nuclear plants is a problem that we cannot ignore.  I intend to put up pictures of our trips to Japan as soon as I finish the ones I have for Chicago…I still am struggling to comprehend this disaster.


One of the best things I think I have experienced from our travels is meeting new friends.  One of my favorite on this last trip was Kwami.  This guy has about as much charisma as you could ever have!  He graciously drove us to see the sights in Chicago…one of them being the pier…if you think it looks cold you’re quite right!  Fortunately there was plenty to see inside so we occupied ourselves with the things they had where it was warm!  There was a large old bell that I thought was amazing to see.  With a final glance at the cold sight outside we pressed on.  The stained glass inside was so beautiful!  It actually reminded me of some of the sites we saw in Irelandbut this had a flavor all its own..the details was remarkable and the colors shown so beautifully as the sun shined through them.  I have to admit I didn’t know what to think of the modern stained glass artbut some things that were new had spectacular meaning and I liked it a lot.  Once again an opportunity arose to take some pictures outside so I stepped out and took a few more shotsThe buildings were shrouded in a frosty fog…it was time to head back inside!  The stained glass windows in this section of the building spoke of a spring that’s now much closer to us!  These are flowers even my black thumb couldn’t kill!  I had to smile at some of the old pictures they had on the wall!  At this point we were hungry so Pastor Leeford brought us to “Bubba Gumps”.  The food was really good but I thought it was overpriced.  The Africans all had coconut shrimp…it figures!  My Canadian friend Rick had a shrimp smorgasbord !  On the way home I only got one lousy picture of the famous Chicago Bean though the window of the car in the middle of heavy traffic.  We were headed home at that point and I’m bringing this blog home for now!  I continue to thank those of you that are praying for us.  Good thoughts sound good but don’t do much…these are times when we must remember God who delivers.  Blessings to you all!


  1. Hi Joe
    indeed its beyond everything whats happening now
    not sure whats gonna happen any minut
    i follow the works on computer now
    i hope that things will not explode
    cos then we dont know whats the outcome of that..
    a prayer for Japanese ppl.
    tc Joe

  2. What is happening in Japan is heart rending and it has been very heavy on my heart and mind, I don't have family there but I do have Twitter and Flickr friends. I don't have any idea what happened with them as I don't know which part they lived in except my friend in Kyoto. Not sure where that is in the disaster area or if it is.

    I certainly will include your MIL in prayer Joe. Lastly the stained glass is gorgeous. The finest I have seen in a long time.

  3. Prayers always for you and your family Joe. I hope your mother in law gets returned safely to her home.
    I love the picture Joe.

  4. You can include my prayers for your MIL and all the people of Japan. My heart and love goes out to all of them. I pray you can get your MIL back to the Philippines very soon Joe. What a worry that must be.

  5. Prayers for you MIL to get safely out and back to her home.

  6. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, especially for your mother in law to find a way safely out of the troubled area. It is difficult to comprehend what has happened there.

  7. Joe, we have and will continue praying for your MIL,and your family.I hope and pray she is able to return safely to the Philippines. We will continue praying for the people of Japan also. It is all so very sad.
    The stain glass windows are so very beautiful.I enjoyed looking at all your photos of the things, you saw on your trip. Thanks for sharing them Joe.
    Take care and I hope and pray you have some good news soon, concerning your MIL.

  8. Praying for everyone in Japan, this is very very sad!! Ilse.

  9. Joe
    i do pray Its getting worse and worse..

  10. Good evening Joe,

    As you know God’s Spirit certainly has the best way for us to be connected for others. Just so hard to imagine and comprehend what has transpired. The videos look so horrendous and come nowhere near the real life dilemmas for so many.

    Peace be with you and your loved ones…Greg

  11. Hi Joe, Your family is steadfast and always on my heart. You have my Prayers you know that and your right this is .. the time we must rely on God. I can not even imagine having family that is stuck and can not get out. Your strength to me is an inspriation. Your wifes as well. God will hear our Prayers .
    The world we know is a mess and I dont see it getting better. Thank God that we who walk in the light stay in the light.

    Your stained Glass Photos took my breath away. They are beyond beautiful. I love stained glass and it always stops me in my tracks.
    Looks like you had a great time away. We have so much snow here still and being the first day of spring it was over cast and gray but in all a good one.
    Stay strong Joe.
    Peace , Hope and many Prayers to you all

  12. Hi Joe,
    At present time that too many things in my mind that first of at the New Zealand an Earthquake.
    My younger son's just missed the day of 22th Feb.
    23th Feb is my G-daughter birthday which they go to celebrated at their grand parents(my daughter in law) I still shaken in my hearts.
    And another devastation in Japan...
    I think a bit too much for me to hate to see all this pain and suffering,being Japanese,I'm absolutely horrific time I has been the last a month(N.Z) as well.

    Sorry Joe,I talk you only my side, I can seen you have has problems with your MIL it must be gave you and your wife in heart ache which is very difficult time.
    Hope She is able to return safely to her home.

    The photos are beautiful Stained Glass photos,
    they are beautiful.
    The Old bell is amazing to see as you said.
    Glad you met nice guy and he took you to shows to the Chicago. I like the way it always you were appreciates for the other kinds people.

    Well the last one Bubba Gumps coconut Shrimp
    That make me hungry Joe:-) Over priced? but I'm so hungry ...

    God be with you all the way and my prayers for you all and people of Japan.

  13. Hello Joe, it's been awhile since I have been had time to visit anyone. I hope that all works out with you Mother-in-law and she find her way to safety. Praying for all those remaining in Japan. It is a very turbulent time. Seems you visit to Chicago was a cold one. But those stain glass windows will warm the souls of anyone. I am still at the Salton Sea. Have not had internet connection and between working on the house and company just haven't had time to get on. I finally found a faint signal in my house with no security, so have been slowing trying to get around and see everyone. It's very slow and wasn't even able to get all your photos downloaded. Haven't really blogged anything new as I wanted to try and spend what little time I have visited a few people a day. It's very hard to show up for only one blog and not really know what has really been going on in the lifes of som many people that I have gotten to know so well here. Anyway my dear friend may God continue to send all the strength you need to continue your mission in life. Hugs Carrie

  14. If you see spring please please send it up my way. The sun is gone and has been for days. Just stopping by to wish you a great day.
    Blessing and thinking off you all

  15. Joe, I didn't know your M-I-L was in Japan and I'm hoping and praying for her safe return. It was shocking news about Japan's troubles and sad to know of so many lost lives.
    Those stained glass windows were beautiful and the food made me hungry.