Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stay Frosty

Fortunately despite my title it has not stayed frosty though it has certainly frosted here much to my displeasure.  We felt that some when we were at the cabin when we had a hard frost up in the mountains…we know it’s on it’s way in the lower elevations then…it’s just a matter of time you know.  For those of you that are praying about our coming trip to Africa let me make a few things clear:  we haven’t yet gone.  We leave the 30th of this month and will be gone until the first of November.  Our entire family is going with a team of people…about seventeen of us.  We have Canadians and even someone from Nigeria that we met in Ireland.  The pastor in Ireland that we ministered with is already in Ghana now…he’s a Ghanaian as well though he has a church in Ireland.  Joseph Baisie is the name of the pastor who is our contact in Ghana…we’ve known him since we started ministering in Africa in 1988.  I call him my brother because he is in every sense of the word except the biological one.  We already have our tickets and are waiting on our visas which should be here any day now.  All but one of our team already received the immunizations that are required.  We will begin our medication for milaria one day before we leave.  Please keep Gabby in mind when you pray..she’s only four years old and these medicines are very strong.  Thank you all who pray for us…your prayer is more than well wishes…it’s pure gold and I’m very thankful for it!

I have some pictures from our trip to Mill Creek today that are a bit closer to the cabin we stayed in.  I have an effection for thistles…can’t say why.  They can be quite beautiful but something about them says don’t tread on me and I like that   I also particularly like the symmetry involved in these plants because it has a mathematical precision that shows the Master’s plan in a special way The bank of Mill Creek was rather steep by the cabin so it wasn’t always easy to get near the bank but on occasion a spectacular wildflower would find a way to get its share of the sun…again I admire the tanacity in what on the surface appears delicate Our cabin was unique in that it had both a front and a back porch.  The back porch was a wonderful place to relax with a cup of camp coffee and enjoy the sound of the streamOut the front door we were always greeted by this mountain which looked different depending on the sunlight at given times of the day The cabin is really very old but they had brought electricity to it which was really nice.  As you can see it’s high but it was never dry…plenty of rain while we were there The primitive charm of these kinds of places always grabs me deep down inside Here’s a side view of the cabin I could spend many happy hours looking at the sights to see within easy walking distance of the cabin .  Some people can’t sit still and enjoy what’s right in front of them…I’m not one of those people.  I don’t always have to be on the move.  These delightful flowers are called “fleabane” I guess though I’m not sure why since I found many little bugs frequent them…perhaps just not fleas!  The thistles were not able to keep numerous small butterflies away who drank deep of the nectar from dawn till dusk The kids and I enjoyed exploring the forest and we found a wonderful treat as we did:  Raspberries!  They looked and tasted heavenly Some things looked good but I wouldn’t want to eat them Seeing these made me think of Carole…these are for you Carole Walking deeper in the forest let me ever looking back at the mounting so nicely framed by the pine trees The fence around the cabin was a living thing and had plenty of growth on it to show.  Sporting a moss beard One more shot of the white berries For a while we kept our canned drinks in the river here but it stayed cool enough that we moved them to a more convenient spot near the cabin I' love backgrounds in photos in fact at times this is the making of the shot other times it’s not that but the complexity of the subject itself that makes it special but I don’t frankly care too much about the ins and outs of the photo.  It’s being there, experiencing the moment and just loving how God put it all together that matters above all I see the personality of God here and His wonderful design speaks volumes without saying a word


  1. Oh man...thank you Joe. Gorgeous as all of them are..there is nothing like the feeling that something is there to see because you exist and someone, you, remembered me at the time you were blogging.

    That will be a heckuva long time gone. I will truly miss all of you. I know I said that but it is just as true this moment. It's just not the same when you are incommunicado though it is always for a good reason and fruit comes from your absence here in the States.

    All of the photos are perfect. I wish I could see such things but I guess I have pretty things to see here we all of us do. Things unique to each of our areas.

    I will especially remember precious Gabby, I promise.

    Meanwhile, I am enjoying what time left that we all have with you guys before you're gone. I doubt you'll find a way to communicate at large with us blog family but know there is no way you'll be forgotten and not missed. ♥

  2. I daresay when this is all said and done, you'll find that Miss Gabby did the best over everyone in handling not only the immunization, but the travel and everything else involved. Kids... they're so very resiliant.

    You are blessed and touched by God. That alone, should keep you and yours safe while doing Gods work.

  3. Your family,especially Gabby, will be in my prayers for a safe rewarding trip. You will be missed while you are gone.
    I so enjoyed the pictures and narratives.

  4. You and your family are always in my prayers my friend. Seems I've known you for so long and once again your to embark on a wonderful journey. God has chosen you to go teach and I feel God has made a wise choice. Wonderful photos as always.

  5. I enjoyed taking it all in as I read and looked at each image as you described them. I love wildflowers too, and you captured them in all their Beauty, Joe. :) What a wonderful, peaceful place. The cabin looks so inviting, along with its porches. Looks like paradise to me. I can imagine the sites, the smells and the sounds of the river and nature's choir. :) Thankyou for sharing your adventures. Glad you and your family were able to get away to such a wonderful place.
    It won't be long and you all will be on your way. You all are, and will remain in my thoughts and prayers, Joe. I pray that God will keep you all safe , healthy and that His Purpose will be accomplished. I pray especially for Gabby and the other children that your hand of protection would be upon them, and that they would not have any harmful side effects from the immunizations.
    You will be missed, and will look forward to all the new stories and pictures you will have to share.
    God Bless You and the whole Missionary Team.
    Thank you Joe for stopping by and leaving your comments. You are a Blessing to me. :) Dianne

  6. Hi Joe, Thanks for sharing all the nice pictures.
    Also praying that your upcoming trip will be safe and fruitful!

  7. hi joe, beautiful pictures and yes god is a great artist, such beauty surrounds us, all detailed by his hand. every blessing for your forthcoming trip, may god protect you all at every turn in the road especially your gabby - in the name of Jesus. amen.

  8. know I will be praying for you and your family during the trip. I hope you will be able to keep us up to date with all that is going on. Looking forward to hearing all God has for you over there...
    Love the mountain pics...I had forgotten how wonderful it was to be out and nature...till my trip to was a blessing and can relate to all your beautiful pics...have put a few on my fb and wls...added a new post there...
    have a great week!!!
    grace to you

  9. Joe this post is like healing balm to ones soul.
    the photos of the flowers are beautiful.
    will be keeping you all in prayer.. and Gabby the most..
    soft hugs dear friend

  10. Gabby is one of the family Joe so she is a fighter.
    we think of her Of course.
    those "simple"flowers are awesome.
    most of the ppl dont look at them as they should and see the beauty.i love the butterfly photo.
    Ghana visit is getting closer..
    be well my friend and say hi to ur precious company

  11. Y'all have such a calming beautiful place to rest and enjoy the beauty of God that many take for granted, and you know where it all comes from. You and your family will be in my prayers as you carry God's Word.

  12. All the flowers are beautiful and I still think that all photos are looking more professionalize way than your WLS spaces?
    You are lucky to have all beautiful place for not long distance by your home..
    By the way non of Japanese peope have visit you yet..
    I don't say bye yet! see you...

  13. You will all remain in my prayers Joe. Each of you that travel. Gabby will do just fine Im sure with wonderful parents and Our Father watching over . I have that faith.
    Gorgeous photos of your trip. Funny on my trip to BC we had a flower like that with the butterflys that wasnt in bloom. Each day from the creek I took and watered it and it did bloom . What a beauty she was and I loved that little plant.
    You had a wonderful vacation and its a plesure to take this walk with you.

  14. just dropping in to say hi Joe and hope that your fever has left for good.. have a beautiful day

  15. I didn't know you guys were sick. Parents are like dominoes. If the kids are's just a matter of a few days and we are too. Part of being a parent. They come back from school (in your case, not) crawling with germs.

  16. I tell you Joe you really know how to take a vacation. Truly relaxing and filled with so much nature. I too love your photo with the faded backgrounds. WE have so many thistle around our place right now. Everytime I come here lately I want to go on a holiday. Yes I live in a beautiful place but the work is always here. Would love the time to sit out on the porch with a cup of coffee and just think where will I go for a walk to today. Oh snap out of that dream. Hugs Carrie