Thursday, September 2, 2010

Follow the Yellowstone Road

Being so close to Yellowstone had it’s advantages.  We could hope on over there after about a thirty minute drive and get in free thanks to mom and dad’s Golden Passport which provides for free entry for life.  Between our trips over there and the cabin the kids found time to entertain themselves with wooly worms that we foundThese characters were plenty fuzzy and plenty hungry!  I don’t know how they survived some of the cold mornings that actually had some frost but they did!  When we weren’t entertaining worms we were walking in one wonderful area after the next and I never get tired of that!  Stopping for lunch found us in some beautiful country and I had to take a picture or two of what we were seeing No visit to Yellowstone would be complete without going to see Old Faithful While I’ve seen it before and seen many eruptions that are on the clock pretty accurate I don’t think I’ve seen any two eruptions that are the same.  We found a good seat and watched as Old Faithful sputtered before the big eruption We knew the time was coming when the nearby Beehive geyser erupted and then Old Faithful started to get serious Nothing matches the thrill of the big eruption and though this time the eruption was relatively short it was still spectacular to behold !  I find the punctuality of this geyser to be simply amazing I captured the last of the eruption on video

After viewing Old Faithful we thought we’d go check out the Old Faithful Lodge..  It’s world famous and had a lot of people there.  It took me some time to get a shot of the spectacular staircase with nobody around .  They still have the old style bus at the lodge.  It felt like a glance back in time to witness these vehicles Can you imagine throwing your luggage in this thing and spending some time around here I’m not sure I can imagine the cost of such a thing.  I like the old park seal on the side of the bus I think Gabby enjoyed exploring the outside of these places as much as the inside and I have to admit the outside was rather spectacular

The week has been full of filling out papers for things that need to be done for Ghana and with working with the kids on their first week of school.  I have to admit it’s been full enough where I’m ready for a long weekend…how about you?


  1. Another wonderful amazing tour Joe. Thank you so much. Just awesome!

  2. I am ready for the weekend as well to rest up from my last weekend I remembered how much I miss being outdoors in nature....
    praying all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed on your paperwork!
    grace to you

  3. Joe...I actually don't think there's anyone to beat you for fascinating, really excellent narration (explanatory) blogs when it comes to traveling and what you have seen. You have a gift for knowing exactly wheat we would enjoy seeing. And many of us, certainly me, will never see these sights in person, so it's even more thrilling to get a taste of it here.

    You da man. You are.

  4. Joe, the photos are wonderful, and something that I will never be able to experience in my lifetime. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  5. I had no idea I could comment w/o logging in to a g account which we'll see...

  6. Assuming the Anonymous test comment worked, Hi it is Janae from WLS, never could log back in over here. I think it's me, I just have too much to keep track of. Anyway this looks like an enjoyable journey you are able to take often - about have to make multiple visits in order to tour even a fraction of the expansive wonderful park. Have a good weekend("-")

  7. Joe ,I loved this blog. It sure takes me back a few years when I was there. Thanks for that.
    Loved your photos .Wonderful blog
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Joe

    You have changed your type font and with my cataract I am having a hard time reading it.

    Yellowstone is one of those places I will never tire of no matter how it comes to me, by blog, TV or ........

    I have been there numerous times and hope to return again. i would like a winter sno-cat tour.

    I was there the year before the fire and in my slides it shows numerous dead trees standing in among the live trees. Standing there like kindling wood waiting a spark.

    would go out early evening until after dark being a tourist checking out the geysers and night life. The park changes after sun set and i got some tremendous pictures of sunsets there at the basins and meadows.

    Have you seen how many earthquakes they get there every month.

    It is such a fun place, thanks for the return journey.

  9. Joe, I so enjoyed reading your blog and the photos are amazing. Things I may never see in person but you sure give a grand tour. Won't be long now and you will all be on your way. I pray God will prepare you and your team as well as those you will minister too. May the Lord speak to you and through you in a powerful way. God Bless and have a great long weekend. I am having my 8yr. old granddaughter tomorrow for the day and looking forward to that come rain or shine. Going to make some brownies too. I will save you a peace. :) Dianne

  10. Hi Joe, hope you are enjoying your weekend. enjoyed this blog and the pictures are great. Hope your preparations go well for your forthcoming trip, god bless - Nita.

  11. Hi Joe,
    Thank you for visit my outdated of blogs:-)
    And leaving your kind comments which I appreciated it.
    We had the father's day on yesterday,today is 6th of Sep. hope you have a great your father's day:-)
    As always I enjoyed look at your photos,
    The wooly worms as you said"How they survived?
    It must be some juice are left in the stems?
    In here up to north there is all the year around very hot a desert place but still a lots of things are alived there. And included an aboriginal people too.
    I guess you are looking forward to see going away..
    Maybe you could send us your blogs from South Africa?
    Have a special Father's day,

  12. Hi Joe, I have tired to post in there a few times and I keep freezing up.. so I hope this time it works. Isen't that old lodge wonderful? really like the capture you got without the people which in its self is a work of art.."smile".. where you able to go up to the 3rd floor? most of the time they have it closed off.. was able to sneak up there once.. and yes I said "sneak".. amazing view..
    and old fathful.. it does not spu as much as it once did.. but its still mind blowing when it does.
    looks like Abby had a fantastic time.. as did the rest of you.. so happy you were able to go there and experience it.. its one of my most favorate places.
    been thinking a lot about you and your trip.. keeping you all in close prayer..
    there is snow on the high mountains Joe.. can see it from here.. makes me shiver some.
    have a beautiful day..
    soft hugs

  13. I haven't been to Yellowstone since I a was a child. Your photos make me yearn to revisit it sometime again. I so remember the green meadows there with creek wondering thru them. Great shots of that old building and the old bus. Of course what is a trip to Yellowstone with the ever faithfull, Old Faithfull. Thanks for sharing your journey. May God fill your new journey coming with as much wonderment and excitement. Hugs Carrie