Thursday, August 5, 2010

Souix Charlie Falls

Before I go on to talk about the walk up to the falls I want to update the status of things as far as our trip to Africa is concerned.  We got a lot done this week.  One of the hurdles that I’ve been eager to get past was the medical end of things.  We have prescriptions and injections that needed to get done.  The cost is really outstanding.  One good thing about traveling as much as we have is that we have a very good record of our immunizations and are up to date on things.  This trip required two that I wasn’t excited about.  This consisted of Yellow Fever and Typhoid Fever.  Yellow Fever is good for ten years and now they have a series of pills for Typhoid…good thing too…I hate shots and the shot for Typhoid used to be miserable.  Gabby had to receive the shot for that because of her age however they’ve improved it so it doesn’t have the painful fevered lump any more after you get it.  Lovely is the only one I know who takes pictures in such situations.  My profile picture has been the picture she took…yikes!  We have our prescriptions for malarial preventatives but I won’t get those just yet…we start that before we go and have to take it for some weeks after our return home.  This is some real progress!


One of the most beautiful trails I have ever walked is the Souix Charlie Falls trail.  This trail winds through a valley next to a river and sheer cliff walls.  I love the active rapids Nature provides it’s own frame for beautiful pictures .  There sheer cliff and river are also framed by the artistic hand of God .  It’s stunning to me how large trees can grow right out of the side of the cliff walls !  I really enjoyed rounding the bend to see the curve of the cliff seem to huge the scenary .  We walked further and things began to open up.  I wondered just how far this trail extended into the distance .  Returning to the trail head held its own beauty.  All the angles are different and it’s a whole new view of the mountains I hadn’t noticed on the way in .  The joy of visiting this area is something I know will stay with my kids.  There’s nothing like it .  It’s hard to grasp the entire panorama without a little video clip

Danielle, Mike and Gabby wait at the head of the trail for grandma and grandpa to catch up .  The rushing stream is about all you can hear and I don’t mind one bit…it’s a perfect backdrop for such a wonderful place I am a lover of wild flowers and the many berries to be found here.  This one reminded me of a Chinese lantern .  I always have our trips abroad in mind no matter where I am.  This reminded me of a bonsai tree in the middle of the river somehow The next generation of pine trees were everywhere in the making…it made an intoxicating smell that actually reminds me of Christmas Mom is always a trooper.  She was nursing her ankle which is still recovering all along the trail .  We never walked to far for her though.  The spray from the river and the wet year we’ve had kept many parts of the cliff wall very green with moss Wild flowers flourished even on the cliff side and the majesty of the trees filled the place with a serenity that can’t be found in the city .  We were having a break from it all but the bees were hard at work Blue Bells may appear fragile but they thrive in such environments Returning once again to the place where the car was parked I couldn’t help but notice this old dead tree that guarded the path.  What things had it witnessed during it’s life?  Now though it is no longer green it still stands vigil season to season …I love Montana!  To be continued….


  1. I am so glad you are getting things in order for your trip as the time is flying by.
    The pictures are beautiful, all of them, and the narrative is just perfect.

  2. Hi Joe, Ithought I was looking over your shoulders! The scenery is beautiful, nothing to focus on but God Himself! Glad your shots are over with, I am sure the kids are too!..thanks for the journey, I needed that! =].

  3. I'm crazy about the pictures! Loved the excitement of the water in the video too.

    Those trees growing with the so little dirt that found itself in the cracks of the rocks along with a seed to germinate from blows my doors off. Imagine what tenacity! We should be 1% that tenacious in anything we do.

    The scenes were fabulous. I would have loved being along if only I could. That is what I love..just that sort of outing.

    I now it has to be such a relief to get most of the medical things out of the way before the trip. Love that hypo Love took the picture of. Quite an avatar and I figured the story of it before I even read it.

    Soon, my friend..ever sooner.

  4. Dear Joe . I dont know why it is but as you talked about your trip and the immuinzitions I teared up . I pray already for your safty.Maybe its just I m not familar with where you are all going and since I have been along with you and the family so long I feel a bit lost for words around this. God will be in charge and wow your faith is amazing.
    Your first and second image stopped me dead. I love them both. Nature is amazing to capture in different places and light. Lovely all the way through.

    Now to the post here. WoW again.
    Food for the eyes and soul. I love the green moss. We were thinking the same maybe . I too did take photos of green moss and had to have a really good look at it where and when I could.
    I loved your blog once again.
    Thanks for sharing your words and image.
    Have a great night.

  5. I loved the Falls and hearing them again. I wish I had dont that also.

  6. Hi Joe - great pictures and inspiring words. wishing you well and god speed for your coming journey. god bless - nita

  7. well Joe
    Typhoid isvery very important its now in India and Sri Lanka.
    I know ur going to Africa but be carefull.
    jesus i sound like a mother..hihi

    awesome photography here
    its a joy to watch the nature reminds me of the water rafting we did in Dominican rep.
    when i look back to that trip
    iwant to do it all over again
    tc my friend and tx for sharing

  8. wow and wow again Joe.. these photos are breathtaking to say the least.. the thoughts that keeps running through my head is " GOD IS IN THE DETAILS".. and he is so much so.. and he also is in the details of your up coming trip.. remember that when you get a little fearful about it..
    and remember as well, you have lots of people praying for you each day.. and will continue to do so when you are doing God's work while your on this trip of yours.. when are you going?
    oh if you can tell me how you find out about these cabins your staying you I don't enjoy sleeping on the ground these days.. used to love it.. but by body seems to like sleep upon anymore.. with these wonderful pictures I am going to see what we can do to visit these places.. so close to home it would be a shame not to..
    raining here again today.. rained all of last night.. but that is alright.. its not snow.. and the rain makes the air fresh once again.
    have a glorious day Joe.. but then God does walk with you.. so how can't you have a heavenly day.. much love Hope

  9. Thanks for the narrative and the photos of your adventure. It is truly amazing how trees and flowers find soil to grow in rock. I now have you on my faves so I can find you.

  10. What an amazing hike you took. I can't believe those trees growing out of the rocks. Just to be on a real trail seeing so many sites around you, so different from my little hike yesterday constantly pushing branches from my face. About your trip I so wish you didn't have to pump so many shots at one time I think that can be so hard on the body. But will keep positive thoughts about your trip in my prayers Thanks for coming by and visiting my gardens. Hugs Carrie

  11. I love it boggles my mind the places on this earth that are so amazing and unique! God is truly an artist!!!
    grace to you