Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hiking to the Falls

We finally finished off the final pills for Typhoid Fever.  I’ve never had issues with the pills for that nor did I have trouble with the Yellow Fever shot but I wasn’t sure how my family would do with it all.  I’m happy to report that they did great.  We now only await the time to start our Malaria medication…many weeks and months of that ahead even after we return.  If you’ve seen what malaria can do you know that this preventative measure is worth it.  Malaria is actually the world’s deadliest parasite…did you know it was a parasite?  I’ve had many friends with this horrible disease.  One simple mosquito bite and you can have a nasty disease that’s killed millions.  Take the medication and do what you can to keep from being bitten and believe God! 

The next series of photos were of our hike up to some falls near the Woodbine campground.  It was a steep climb but Gabby did wonderfully and we enjoyed it all.  Approaching the stream and seeing it through the trees provided a shot that I couldn’t resist .  It seemed like a glimpse of good things to come.  Have you ever taken a picture that later on seemed very prophetic?  I have but at first I didn’t think much of it.  There was a little bridge that we had to cross to begin our ascent of the mountain .  Gabby led the pack which is pretty common for her and I snapped a quick picture as she began to cross the bridge .  I think a child shall lead them is what I think when I look at this now.  I travelled abroad for the first time when I was eighteen.  I went to Ghana when I was still in my teens.  My daughter started when she was nine months old!  The two other children started when they were very small and we returned to the Philippines.  Since then we’ve travelled together to Japan, Ireland and Scotland and even set foot in Paris and now we go to where I started working in the mission field in Africa!  I get the sense that God works in perfect circles!  I never grow weary of the sound of a rushing mountain stream .  I can almost hear the stream rushing by even when I look at these photos .  The weather was growing stormy as we approached the top of the mountain and I have to say it looked like big time bear country.  It was way too quiet.  There’s been a boom in the bear population but the unusually cold season has robbed them of what they normally eat:  berries.  Maybe parts of this country are boiling but global warming is just one more lie in these parts.  We began to hear the big falls but couldn’t resist pausing to take a picture of this little one before moving on .  The majesty of the upper large falls with no one else there but us is something hard to describe !  There were some of the most winding falls I’ve seen .  The view opposite the falls showed forests and mountains that seemed to testify of Montana in all it’s glory The lower falls rushed by on some secret mission that God had sent it on .  It was a long way down and steep so I kept Gabby’s hand in my own our entire time on top of the hill .  The approaching storm coming over the mountains and a persistent sprinkle convinced us that it was time to head back down the trail We took at final glance at the lower falls before heading back through the forest .  These trees seemed to point at the glory of God’s creation here .  This view reminded me some of Mt. Fuji in Japan though it was cloud shrouded when we visited it in Japan at the time One thing that I love about these mountains is that they never end.  One peak simply seems to lead to another Here is another view of the bridge we crossed earlier on the way back I love the return trip because it provides a new angle to familiar territory…never miss the new angles when returning!  The snow melt has kept these streams strong throughout the season in fact there were days where the higher peaks had new snow!  No matter what the weather or the politics of the day are doing I’m going to stay the course and keep the faith that God has given like the precious treasure it is!  Don’t lose direction but rather I refuse to be blinded by the evils of this world.  There’s still much to be thankful for…always a way that God has provided for us to walk God really is faithful to His word though all else fail.  Some things are as sure and stable as the mountains themselves .  These mountains have treasure in them in fact this is not far from the Stillwater Mine On the surface these mountains are beautiful enough but this beauty is more than skin deep…not only gold but also platinum was found inside!  That’s it for now I hope to share the final chapter of this little adventure before going on another five day stay in a cabin near Yellowstone and Chico hot springs…we’re all very excited about it!


  1. I am glad the shots and meds are going well for your family. It is beginning to get towards countdown time for your family.
    The pictures from your trip are great. I enjoyed them all.

  2. Hi Joe, such beautiful places, the picts looking from the path downward...I would have Gabby locked in my arms! I always like visuals to Bible verses, keeps my perspective right! I am glad everyone is healthy and rested...till you blog again, I look forward to it Joe!

  3. I can sense the underlying excitement in your writing my friend. The time is getting near to adventure to Ghana. Glad the meds are going well and preparations. Your photos are breath taking. Montana comes to life in your pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  4. hi joe, pleased your medications are going well for you all. these pictures are spectular and the narrative also. very encouraging to view and read. thank you - god bless - nita

  5. Hi Joe,
    It seems a lots of shots for you needed to have?
    I had been a an asian countries but I don't remember that much shots I have had?
    Maybe nowaday is more protection for all people'.
    The photos are beautiful and gabby is a princes:-)
    Big Hugs,

  6. Oh Joe... what a view. My goodness sakes... what a view. So Beautiful. Loved the tour and your photos are always a treat. My favorite has to be Gabby starting to walk over the bridge. The Falls are something to see and I can almost hear the rushing water. What a peaceful place to be.
    Have a wonderful time as you head out for your next cabin adventure.
    It won't be long now and you will be on your way to Africa. Glad everything is slipping into place including all those vacinations.
    Take care Joe and thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures with all of us.
    God Bless you all.
    Dianne :)

  7. Hi Joe,
    your photos and words describe our beautiful country/state perfectly..looks like a wonderful place.. haven't been there yet.. did look up the cabins.. didn't know there were that many that one could rent. and you can't bet the price that is for sure..
    glad that most of the meds are over with.. you daughter is so cute.. love the photo of the bridge.. its neat once we upload the photos and some type of message is there.. I got one with a rainbow.. God is cool..
    raining here today. but that is ok.. makes the earth fresh and clean again.
    have a great day

  8. Gorgeous pics! Makes me homesick for Montana...I know too well how raging that water can be in the spring/summer months. We lived blocks from the Bitterroot River that was meek and mild in the fall and winter, but fast and mighty during spring and into summer. It makes you realize how little control we, as humans, have when it comes to nature...

  9. Beautiful pics Joe. I have never had to take any of those medicines as I don't travel much. But one of my managers at work who travels all over the world for Boeing has to do it. Doesn't sound too pleasant. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  10. awesome breathtaking photos Joe
    Waterfalls always gives me a special feeling
    hearing the water come down...where does it start
    where does this end...Most of the time in the ocean..
    tc and enjoy ur beautiful area. ur blessed Joe
    and ur company of course also.
    have a nice weekend
    from sunny Belgium

  11. Joe, glorious pictures and too, as Nancy said a wonderful illustration to the Bible verse. I love staying on the path. :-) It's natural nowadays.

    I am finally able to go round and read blogs. Been a few days.

    It won't be too long now..all of the family are strong and ready and eager. HUGS to the family

  12. Joe your blog brings so much peace with your words and images. How very beautiful and how wonderful God has been to all who are so lucky to view and capture that which he has put his hand on . His work is amazing and how could not anyone believe with out un failing douth that he is with us always though it all. I have leaned the WHY I have been asking and the answer is unending and unfailing FAITH.. Just that simple . Never doubt him ever . He has a lesson for us all . I have learned a big one again.
    Again I feel the saddness and yet excited that you and your wonderful family will be leaving us all for a time. I hope you can keep up your blog. Its not to be taken for granted as you put it here the dangers you have to avoid. Keep the faith , walk with God . Grace and Blessings to you and your family Joe.

  13. Thanks also Joe for your kind words . Always appricated my friend.

  14. joe , my friend
    I'm so happy, i'm be able to see your pics and read your blog :)
    i saw gabby, danielle and mike pics again in your blog :) i miss for them ..:)
    i hope you'll keep on always ..
    when i read your blog , I suppose i'm in your country and i can imagin it so great :) this good experience for me to know and see your country..thanks :)

  15. Hi Joe,
    Thank you for visit and leaving kind your comments, I guess you are getting busy with going away?
    Take care,