Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sunsets ‘n Snowflakes

That’s just what we hadDSC03614.  The last hurrah of fall was awesomeDSC03615.  This is the glorious moment before winter’s hammer comes downDSC03616…in this game of chessDSC03619…winter is winning by the bucket-fullDSC03620.  Old Man Winter has set the table nowDSC03621and the scenery is blanketed in whiteDSC03625.  I see a pattern developing hereDSC03622.  The leaves can run but they cannot hideDSC03623.  The deck now has a 5 o’clock shadowDSC03624.  Winter’s waves crash against our rocksDSC03625 and our prairie sports its new Christmas sweaterDSC03626.  This is a scene from “A Christmas Story”DSC03627.  It’s winter now like it or we’ve a long road to shovel nowDSC03628.  Us versus winter in a cage matchDSC03629.  Take a lesson from the Evergreens:  face the winter with no whiningDSC03630.  Come what may we’re never alone without GodDSC03631.  So drink from winter’s cup and enjoy what you canDSC03632.


  1. the angels of snow are fluttering

  2. Beautiful, Joe. And I love your background!!!

  3. As you know Joe, I love those snow. These pictures make me excited for Christmas!!

    1. Good! I hope this goes well with your cocoa and marshmallows!