Thursday, September 25, 2014

Early Fall Sunsets

There have been some beautiful ones latelyDSC03509.  Some involve mostly  the skyDSC03511and silhouettes that grab meDSC03512 .  Others have all around lighting that gives everything a fairytale lookDSC03513.  Those are the ones I like bestDSC03514.  Going out recently I was stunned by this viewDSC03515.  Totally amazingDSC03516and a complete surprise…there’d been no rainDSC03517yet still God’s promise was clearDSC03518.  All sides were wonderful to seeDSC03519.  These moments take my breath awayDSC03520.  Gold  is everywhereDSC03521.  These skies haunt me in the best wayDSC03522.  God’s paintbrush is active tonightDSC03523.   What a panoramaDSC03524.  The Big Sky country for sure!  Fall has had a good startDSC03526!


  1. Your photos are beautiful but something was missing Joe!
    Well with your weather there is quitea difference with cold weather?
    Looking for next time....