Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Less Traveled Path

Some paths are safer than othersDSC03457.  Some you walk for the peace they bringDSC03458.  Drinking in the scenery and sense of calmDSC03459.   Other paths are less familiar and have strangers lurking thereDSC03460.  These paths take greater effort to travelDSC03461.  These paths seem less safeDSC03462.  Here you can’t travel as you did on the safe pathDSC03463.  No vehicles are allowed here…it’s just your feet and youDSC03464.  The rough route provides a sense of accomplishment just getting thereDSC03465.  Sometimes a sense of danger heightens your awarenessDSC03466 and makes you appreciate what you’ve got right in front of youDSC03467.  Vision seems sharperDSC03468and sounds more evidentDSC03469.  I like this path but it’s time to head back down the mountainDSC03470.


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    1. I figure this is right up your alley...or down your road John.

  2. Amazing pictures to go along with words of truth. So many paths we can choose...each with their own adventure and their own destination. When we find the right path though, we just know it inside, and it's a beautiful thing...

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    1. Thanks Linda, I miss it already.