Thursday, January 5, 2012

Birthdays and Bizarre Weather

I get weather info from a site that keeps statistics from when they first started doing so here in our state.  Sometimes when I think things are weird…like now for instance I see the actual facts and find that it really has happened before.  It’s been unseasonably warm here…sixties in January is a thing I don’t remember seeing however I see that it did actually come within one degree of that in 2008.  It’s windy where we are and so when it’s windy day after day I just sort of dismiss it…guess what?  We had the second windiest December on record this year…that’s in all recorded history not just from a couple years ago…go figure!  I’ve been struggling to get out and take pictures because of this.  While it is fairly warm it’s terribly windy and very brown and leafless out there.  I bit the bullet and got out there and I also have some b-day shots from Gabby’s 6th birthday so I’m not totally without pictures today.


Gabby has a little t-shirt that I love.  It says “Cute as a Cupcake”.  I found it fitting.  Lovely made her cake this year and it was the largest cupcake I’ve ever seen!  This thing not only looked good but tasted absolutely fantastic!  Lovely has been experimenting with making these things look as good as they taste and I think that the experiment has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!  Just in case you want to get a better look…and go ahead you can lick your screen if you’d is another view.  Gabby’s birthday is on the last day of the year so we set aside some of the things that otherwise be under the Christmas tree for her birthday.  She didn’t seem to mind at all.  Someone feels like quite the little lady after hitting a whole six years old let me tell you.  Grandma brought Gabby to Build A Bear again this year.  I’m not really convinced that she is all that wild about the idea but she sure seemed happy at the time and that makes it all worth it.  All in all it was a very nice day and we remain so thankful for her life


I said that I got out today and that’s no lie.  The wind is high yet again and the sky looks pretty much as it has for a very long time.  Last night we had a glorious sunset but I was en route to church and had no time to capture it on my camera…ugh, I only wish  I could share it now.  You learn to appreciate fantastic sunsets when so much that you see day to day is brown, blue and white.  Our trees remain leafless though the temperatures are quite spring-like…it’s amazing to me how they know it’s not time to come to life yet.  Our pine tree is a splash of green in a very brown world.  I can’t wait to see the fields turn green again but for now it’s amber waves of grain and all you can hear is the wind whistling in your ears and the fence creaking in protest.


  1. OH how BEAUTIFUL even the brown/gold and white and blue are. Not to mention a certain six year old small beauty named Gabby! :-))) Happy Birthday again sweet girl and my goodness, your Mom made a beautiful cake! I hope you got a lot of it to eat.

    Have fun Gabby..and have a wonderful weekend with your brother and sister, Mom and Dad.


  2. Gabby's birthday cake is beautiful. Makes me hungry for cake. Lovely sure does a very nice job. I am longing for spring too Joe.

  3. She sure cleaned up on birthday presents! Does it amaze you how fast she's growing, Joe? Treasure every minute my friend. It seems like only last year Laura was starting school and she's already a college sophomore, working 2 jobs out and living on her own now. then there's her sister(37 already) who won't listen when I tell her I'm too young to have 3 grand kids, all in school and one in HIGH SCHOOL! Yeah, I know what you're thinking.......Chip really is an old geezer.......and you're right!

  4. Great pictures Joe. I can see that you love your baby girl just as much as I love mine!

  5. Sure do like the background here. It looks like your photo. Happy Birthday again to your pretty little girl. She had a delicious looking cake and Lovely did a great job. I may have to bake a cake now.

  6. Try something different, convert some of your pictures to B&W. Easy to do on the computer, kick up the contrast, fiddle with the brightness and voila. In the winter it brings some snap out of the drab earthtones.

    Happy birthday to the little one.

  7. Gabby is a darling and wow look at the gifts. I love the little bear and but that cake. Wow. I now need cookies. There goes my diet.
    HBD to your little Princess once again.

    We have beautiful weather. Wildfires in the south that are awful . Rain and so nice to sit outside each day in the sun. Its really a blessing. Look out March. Batten down the hatches. Hope and Pray this is not the year Montana is in a drought once again.
    Bless you Joe

  8. How great..the photo looks good enough to eat it sure does.. aren't the new pans wonderful? Glad she had a nice birthday.. she is an absolute DOLL. So cute!! I do agree the weather has been weird but I like it shoveling!!! Sunsets where I have been recently are glorious.. nothing like it.. I will miss them.
    Take care : )

  9. sweater type weather in Jan.. who would have thought.. but might as well enjoy it.. as long as its lasts.. the photo of the tree with the deep blue sky and white clouds fills one with smiles of warm beautiful days..and what blessing that pine tree of yours is.. green beauty in a barren day most of the snow has melted.. but then there was not much snow to begin with..not much on the mountain tops either.. but you know Montana weather.. tomorrow we could have one heck of a blizzard.. LOVE ♥ that cake.. or cupcake I should say.. so much work and so much love within that beauty..and Gabby is growing into a very lovely little lady.. precious captures of her Joe..
    sending a nice gentle breeze your way..

  10. hiya! looks whose back! me!
    ya and im not EVEN going to try to catch up ... heh
    i totally relate to the weather seeming stranger than it really is. its been dry, not as cold, and much foggier than usual here. but not like it hasnt done that before!

  11. Yeh finally photos showing. That birthday cake is amazing. It looks so much like a cupcake. Gabby is so growing up before our eyes. It is so different looking at you place compared to mine being snow covered since middle of November. I can take the snow, but I could never take the wind. WE are quit protected in the valley so don't get it that often. In fact this winter we have had very little so far the snow has mostly remained always on the trees. I love those poplars against the beautiful blue skies. Burr it does look cold though. Well I am heading south in a couple weeks and am busy trying to get everything organized for our trip. So many details that my head just doesn't remember any more. Well hope you and your family have a wonderful winter.
    Hugs Carrie

  12. It's me again. If you can understand it..we just had thunder lightening HAIL and driving drenching rain. Snow expected tonight or tomorrow. Not too much this time though.

    By the way if you have access to Carrie's Google + blog please tell her I don't want to sign up for it and may I comment on her other blogs? Thanks Joe Bro.