Thursday, December 8, 2011

About 2 Inches

We finally got some more snow…not enough to sniff at if you ask me and I’m fine with that.  I wish the forecast for our music group were better.  We finally had to cancel the concerts for the rest of the year.  I know God is in control of all of it but it still feels especially strange since we started it already.  Other miscellaneous things:  how many of you are using File Den to post your songs?  Have you noticed the site has been down for maintenance for a week now?  It sucks not being able to use that.  I’m curious since we’re being random here…for those of you that use the word verification before you can comment…why do that?  I’ve never had spam here have you?  Is that why you require it?  I frankly hate having to type some annoying word before leaving a comment and have turned the feature off and guess what?  No negative effects and people can post their comments easier…wish I could get everyone to do that…all right enough of that onward and upward!


We were able to visit the store where Lovely works the first day they put up their decorations.  It was a great way to begin to feel the Christmas spirit  They have such nice things in the storeand the owners have been very good to us…love you guys!  If I were rich I’d have them decorate the house for ussince I have no doubt they’d do a much better job then I ever could.  Just look at these tiny stockings over this fireplace.  Lovely created the banners in the background here.  I think I’ll take a hint from this sign!  These little boxes are so cool.  They actually open up and there’s two tiny angels inside.  There’s a vintage feel to the store that reminds me of things you’d see in a Norman Rockwell painting.  This is actually soap…is that cool or what?  This soap smells good enough to eat!  Yeah, this is definitely the way to get into the spirit!  These are really nice holiday plates.  Everywhere you look there are wonderful little touches that usher in the the Christmas spirit.  Stores like this are a real treasure.  How about a little festive popcorn with the first class apple cider?  Yes, this is making my season a lot more jolly!  I could spend a long time walking in the store enjoying the touches that make it so special.  Some say the season is all about commercialism but I say the season is what you make it to be.  We didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a good day herenor did we have to face the madness of Black Friday to have some peace on earth.  It was just our family in a wonderful little store in Montanabut that was enough for me to feel such a love for what matters most.  I think everyone in my life has a little Santa in thembecause they each bring something into my life that I could never have without them!


  1. Beautiful pictures and words Joe. Thank you!

  2. Hi Joe.. I did have some terrible ones on my comments at the beginning not sure now that it has been awhile. Wordpress was way worse than blogger too. I could try it and see what would happen. I just hate to delete stuff and make so many changes when I might not get to my blog over a period of days though. The photos are so neat.. so many special things in that store. I think I like the angels the best though.. Every tree should have a bell just so "clarence" can ring it and get his wings..heheh WHen I get done here think I will click the NEXT button and see where I will go.. have a great weekend coming up.. PS as for the snow.. hope it holds out until JAN..makes the winter go faster.

  3. Woo whoo, i am glad that posting clitch is taken care of, i have had issues on many sites with that and did not know that you could get rid of it. Pics of your snow would be nice for us here in the south who are only getting rain !!

  4. Hi Joe. I love the photos. I dont have any decorations up or out yet it been a rough start to Dec so Im enjoying yours. Falling on ice, a cold and getting over a flu that makes three so that has to be it.
    I used to use file Den and havent for so long .
    If you find one other place and can add a link to music let me know. I have looked around without luck.
    As for word ver. I dont use it. Its just more numbers and letters to put in. So many dont anymore I think.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week. Stay warm and well.

  5. This is a very nice store to buy decorations. It's been years since I put out a lot of decorations.. Now I have 2 tiny trees and a tiny snowman. While you have 2" we got snow showers, but pretty.
    I tried using file den a few years ago, unsuccessfully.
    I detest the 'word verification' too and don't know how to remove it if I have it. I don't know if it's on my blog or not.

  6. Hi Joe.. been awhile.. love these Christmas photos.. looks like a very lovely store.. sorry to hear about your troubles with the sound.. not to sure what is up with that.. and no doubt driving you and others a bit crazy.. but as you have always said.. God knows.. and is in control.. so there must be a reason .. its just being present at the moment.. I know easy for me to say.. but you know its true..
    we had a lot of snow.. then it stated to melt so now we have lots and LOTS of ice.. always makes for a fun time.. I would rather have the snow.. I mean if its going to snow.. then let it snow and let it snow a lot.. that way we are not so cold.. and not so easy to fall..
    I have my tree up.. with light even.. but think this year that is going to be it for the tree.. I have a cat that loves to play with the balls.. and a grandson who loves to also play with balls.. not to mention a dog as well..
    and I even have the presents .. they are just not wrapped as of I am staying warm.. and enjoying the season.. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.. have a beautiful Christmas Joe..

  7. Hi Joe, love the pics, sorry to hear about your band though. As far as spam, I don't like word verification either so I turned mine off, but only allow people with accounts to comment. I also moderate comments older than 30 days because I did have spam comments posted on my blog when I allowed anonymous comments a while back.

  8. What a lovely littl store. I love Christmas decorations and would probably go broke buying them if there was enough places to put them. lol Not a fan of word verification either.

  9. Hello Joe,

    Great pics of the Christmas decorations. Thank you for your visit to my blog, sorry you too have problems and sorry about your music too, I guess the Lord knows what is happening to us all, well I don't guess I know. So there is a reason for every season in our lives, although we many not always understand or like what is happening.

    Take Care and have a good week

  10. I hate to admit that I don't decorate like I use too. Mostly because of Brody being here. They probably wouldn't last long with him around lol.

    I feel the same way about my family and friends. Sants is within all of them.

  11. Hi Joe, just thought I'd stop in for a check on your blog to see how the holidays are going,it is looking quite festive here I'll say, what a neat shop to visit. I agree that it is what one makes of it, and I'm glad to see you're making the best of it not fighting the crowds nor overspending either! Way to spread some Merry Christmas cheer, keep enjoying life always to you & yours.

  12. Fantastic art work!!!
    I follow you from Spain.

  13. I love these types of stores and what great photo opportunities they create. I would love to have fun with a camera inside one. You sure found lots of wonderful things to show us here that make it all so Christmasy here. I so agree with the stupid word verification. If I do get spam it goes right to my spam box even before it shows on my comments. I think most people that do have don't even know they do or don't know how to get rid of it. I know often when I was having such slow connections it would take forever as the page had to be reloaded again for the word verification. Anyway thanks for sharing such beautiful Christmas decorations.