Thursday, October 20, 2011

Every Rose Has Its Thorn…

I’m starting this blog where the other left off…a rose of sorts.  I figure that the beauty of nature speaks to me about as much as anything because it needs to be tough to survive.  Looking out on the endless grassy plains and mountaintops in the summer makes it easy to forget that it had to endure a tough winter to provide the scenery now.  Seeing snow not far from this point brought it all home to me…there’s a real struggle to live here but it’s managed to not only barely make it but thrive!  The numerous lakes have picked up names of the abundant life here.  Our cabin is named for one of the unusual creatures in the area…something akin to a Mud Puppy.  Distant peaks rise to a height where you can see nothing on them but rocks and a bitt of snow…I love when clouds kiss the top like this.  We first saw a moose along the road as we approached the cabin but I couldn’t get a picture of it…later on as Dad and I walked a road beyond the cabin I saw it in the distance once again.  This “rose” certainly has its thorn however this bumblebee doesn’t seem to mind one bit.  A cup of coffee and this view greeted us every morning.  I loved reading my Bible and letting the sun warm me from this spot!  Chipmunks abounded here and watching their antics was a very entertaining prospect at any time of the day.  I can never get enough of the pine and the mountains!  One lake that we walked to had some dead trees on a little knoll…there’s something about trees like this that I find artistic.  There was a beaver slapping his tail on the water some distance away on this lake but I couldn’t get a picture of him…still I liked the scenery from where I sat.  I could actually have been tempted to swim in this little lake…it was a wonderful day!  The view on the other side of the lake really was amazing too.  Notice the snow on this distant peak.  The sun breaking through the clouds left patchwork patterns on the plains below.  Every rose has its thorn and every pinecone here had its pitch!  I’m glad that it wasn’t too dry here because I can imagine pitch covered pine trees burning pretty easily.  The new pine was making a great start on its struggle to survive…I think there’s a lesson here.  Anything worth living for is worth fighting for.  Life with all its challenges is worth living.


  1. Wonderful post..Loved this..just like being there with you. Thanks for showing it to us. Take care always,

  2. It is wonderful post as usual Joe!
    I loved the all nature views.
    A high montains and a beautiful lake "you feel like to swim" I feel like the fishing..
    But any fish there???
    Thank you for sharing to us.

  3. Great post Joe, thank you for sharing. Wonderful pictures, wise words.

    God Bless - Nita

  4. Lovely photos and commentary Joe. THANKS! for sharing them with us.

  5. Great post with wonderful pics, of course! Makes me homesick for Montana! Haven't been back in almost 12 hoo!

  6. I could sure get a great sense of Peace in this post. I love the photos of the pine cones.
    Its seems that the snow stayed also here in Canada at the top of the Mountains. It never really left this year. Were in for a long cold winter going by the apple trees here Joe. It was like that last year. Very abundant with fruit.
    Time will tell. Have a wonderful weekend

  7. It's always inspiring and calming here. If only those bare trees could talk, they'd have a tale.
    That revolver maps thing never shows where I'm from. It constantly changes and I don't know how to change it. I'm truly from the deep South. It and MSN are in sync, it seems.

  8. I never thought I'd like living in the wilderness but I changed my mind when we started to travel. I like the big cities as there is always something to do but having the peace and quiet of the country has it's own rewards. Beautiful blog Joe.

  9. Hi Joe.
    beautiful photos.. and lovely post as always..
    your so right about fighting for what is worth living for.. these times we live in are mind blogging.. but if we can center ourselves in the love and mercy that God allows us.. we can breath deep.. and enjoy the life we have..
    its so cold here today.. snow is here.. fall has left.. so we are on the threshold of winter..
    some say its going to be nasty.. I say its going to be winter.. so might as well enjoy its beauty.. and be thankful..
    well .. I try and say that.. until I start to freeze.. then I am not to thankful..
    I hear you got your car fixed.. I still have to get snow tires..
    have missed you my friend.. keep warm.. the cold wind is blowing your way. along with that lovely 'white" stuff..

  10. I love the photos, first of all. They are each and every one superb. The subject matter can in NO way ever be beat! What a great collection you have and what a beautiful gorgeous place you live in. No, I wouldn't like the weather you've had too many times either but as even you have said. it's worth it to have days like this!