Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dublin Dabblin’

This week has seen the end of our trip to another cabin so now the summer is looking more and more like it’s about done.  I guess on the bright side we’ll end it with Lovely and my daughter going to a Three Days Grace concert at our local fair which should be a fun time.  I had to miss Alice Cooper which still grates on me some but enjoy what you can you know?  I have so many pictures from the last couple trips that I think I won’t be lacking for some time to come.  I will finish the Ireland series and then move on to that.  I don’t know if I’ll finish what I’ve got before heading to the Philippines in October (by God’s grace). 


We didn’t venture into Dublin on this last trip as much as before however I still find that I like it.  This time it was cold much of the trip but this day it was relatively nice which made the sights all the more enjoyable to take in.  There were plenty of garda…the local police around because of two events:  The Queen of England was visiting and Obama was on his way to visit.  Fortunately all was calm.  I love the old European look of the buildings.  My eyes are always drawn to the buildings here.  This spire celebrates southern Ireland’s entry into the EU.  I love drinking in the sights and sounds when I visit other countries.  Even the shops have names that seem exotic…if not a bit humorous.  Some things strike me as rather prophetic and this was one of those things.  I believe these are actually garbage cans…if so I have a theory:  they are made to be not only attractive but to prevent bombs from being placed in them.  All is not as it appears and the IRA do still do things that make it dangerous to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…thus the security.  Stately buildings sometimes still have the mark of violence in the pastin fact some facades on the buildings still had bullet holes…sobering.  We visited this church on our last trip…had meetings across the street from it in fact…it’s still beautiful in its own way.  Guinness is known throughout the world..there was plenty on this truckload.  Returning home from the city was pleasant too…always good to return to the cottage we were staying in after the visit to the city.  There’s a beauty there that is unlike the city but a beauty none the less.  The Irish never seem rushed and here that is even more obvious.  Ireland is a place where things seem to move at their own pacebut I get the impression that underneath it allit is not as peaceful as it appears.  The whole world seems obsessed with peacebut I think that we are heading for very troubled waters.  We must walk the path God puts before usand not stray in spite of the troubled times we live in.  Christ is called the way the truth and the life in the Bible…not a religion but the way, the truth and the life.   This I believe with all of my heart.  This road lies within every person but it cannot be walked upon unless we accept what Christ says of Himself and we walk with Him.  This world may be on the decline but God’s plan will come to pass.  He always leads to still pastures.


  1. Perfection in that last paragraph, Joe. Yes, He does. Those of us who know that as a certainty must spread that news to others.

    The pictures are beautiful..not just words, they are beautiful and as I have said before, in a way thaey are like a walking tour for each of us who come to see and read.

  2. The photos are beautiful Joe though you must have
    thousand of taken the photos?
    As Carol's says I'm really interesting in your post that you shows us many other countries which I learned a lots of from yours.
    Enjoy your day,

  3. Beautiful post Joe. I enjoyed the photos and I so agree with your words.

  4. A choice is before many...... follow the mandates of government or the teachings of God.
    Which choice leads to failure.....?

    Love the little tour of the emerald isle.

  5. I've enjoyed all your photo's of Ireland Joe....

  6. Joe your photos of the city I had to say left thinking and deeply. I guess Im not used to it. The garbage cans stopped me dead. The landscape is one I would love to see and visit someday if I can.
    I loved your view . Stunning as always and your words brought peace. Thank you.
    Praying for a safe trip in Oct for you all !!

  7. Hi Joe,
    Great pictures, u are so right, about the unrest beneath it all, in Ireland, here in England and many other places. Sadly I think you are right about it increasing too. But then we were never promised otherwise, we were promised Christ would be with us through it all an He is.

    May The Lord, bless all you do in His Name.


  8. Joe, Thank you once again for a great tour of Ireland. Looking at those garbage cans was sobering to think about, and the bullet holes in the buildings. So much History. Although the city is interesting I think I prefer the country side with all the beautiful landscapes, and flowers. I know there is beauty even in the city and thank you for capturing it through your lens. It is a trip and experience that I am sure none of you will ever forget.

    Good message Joe and one that all need to hear and receive.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos whether they be of Ireland or from your holidays at the cabin. It must have been wonderful and refreshing, as you will soon be getting ready for your Oct. trip to the Philippines.

    Have a great week ahead and thank you for all you share.
    God Bless you and your family Joe
    Dianne :)

  9. Well I am not a city person and tend to avoid them vacations but I do love the old archecture and you always find those little details that bring beauty to even a city. Yes Ireland it frought with a very unstable history. Maybe they do have hotter blood or more testatrone. They love to drink and love to fight. Awe but the country scenes are something that would surely draw me to want to visit Ireland. Top of the day to you.. Hugs Carrie