Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leaving Callingford

It was a very good 4th for us.  I really have considered freedom and the cost of it a lot lately and the holiday seemed to fall at the perfect time for these considerations.  Seeing the debacle with Casey Anthony getting away nearly scot free seems to accost the very though of justice.  I have a little girl of my own…two in fact though one is now going to turn 16 in August…the other is only 5 years old so this seems to strike very close to home.  I just feel sick at the thought of how these days it’s always about a kangaroo court and a miscarriage of justice.  So much tries to damage my faith these days in our country but the more I think about it the more I feel this shows how freedom is a thing we personally must exercise regardless of what the majority does.  Freedom is dishonored when there’s no personal responsibility or fear of God.  There’s no such thing as collective salvation…it’s a personal thing and when we are united by our personal commitment to God and each other our nation will be exalted.  Regardless of the majority’s decision my mind is made up:  I choose to do right and will set that example for my family.  Courage to do what’s right no matter what is what we all need.  Well, moving on…

Leaving Callingford left me left me feeling blessed to have seen it at all.  I was so very thankful for Pastor Sackey and Ade who so graciously drove us around and showed us the sights.  Here is Ade with my mom in Callingford.  I miss the winding paths of Callingford and the gorgeous green that only Ireland can masteryet I know we haven’t seen the last of this place.  The rolling hills and fog covered countryside forever remain in my heartand our memories I will treasure and guard…much like this unusual rooftop dragon guards its house.  Walking through opportunities in life must be appreciated because you never know when they might close.  Life’s gates can only be opened or closed by Godso I treasure the gateway moments and relish all the sights I can while I’m seeing them because you just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  We can’t figure it all out in our mind…we can only walk the path before us and keep the faith that God has given us.  Other’s have walked where we walk beforebut when we walk these paths they seem completely new and exciting.  I love the doors of Dublin but also the chimneys that have old European flair.  The village and the farmland meet in a way that seems familiar to what I know here in Montana yet it’s also different and unique.  Little shops like this one are a real joy to witness…I’m used to big chain stores but these are all about mom and pop.  Just look at these smoke stacks, I’ve never seen anything like that here in America.  I’m thinking this smoke stack quit smoking and went green!  There was an old ship rotting away in the harbor…not sure what the story of this thing was but I thought it beautiful even in its decay.  It was moored with some very large ropes.  Not far from the pier lies King John’s Castle.  With a final glance at the mooring for the good ship Catharinawe finally began to walk our way back toward the castle.  I knew this pier was something special because I actually captured a shot of my son and older daughter Danielle and a bonus of Lovely taking a picture too!  I honestly don’t know how much longer some of the metal on this pier will last.  Occasionally the sun broke through on the distance shoreline and drew my camera up to my eye once again.  I have to smile at some of the signs I saw in Ireland…they do have a way of putting it don’t they?  King John’s Castle couldn’t have more beautiful citizens then it does now.  Where people once peered out of windows now Sea Gulls gazed at us with mild suspicion.  Looking out from the castle sometimes reminded me of the scenery around Loch Ness.  The castle itself is slowly being over run by the green that covers Ireland.  I doubt the sea nearby has changed much over the centuries.  It was all peaceful beyond measure.  Heading out at last we gazed at the village proper…will we see this place again?  I guess only God can tell.  All we have is a speck in all of timeso we should make the best of the moments we have, smile when we canfor tomorrow is not our own.


  1. Such beautiful pictures, Joe! Thank you for sharing them :)

  2. It has taken me years to understand why God gives us tribulations like the Casey deal and there will be more for life is not equal or fair and God wants us to focus on him, not the flesh of the world.

    The creator blessed us with a gem of an emerald isle and you have captured some of the spirit.

  3. Here, here! Wonderful tour and the message couldn't have been more spot on. my friend you have been blessed with a beautiful family.

    As for the "justice" system in our country, more and more there is no justice for the victims of crime. People frequently ask why my wife and I find it necessary to carry a gun. Our reply is we'd rather be judged by our Lord and a panel of our peers than sentenced by a street thug. If He didn't want me to defend my family He wouldn't have given me the skills to do so. That may sound callous but it's how I feel.

  4. Your pictures are so Beautiful,Joe and I enjoyed your commentary of Ireland along the way. Makes me wish I were there with camera in hand. God has Blessed you in the way He chose for you and your family to go.

    Yes, this world is full of injustices, "But" God is Just, and He will have the last say. Nothing goes unnoticed. And, yes we as Believers must stand up for what is right, no matter what. Our Faith will be tested time and time again. On Christ the Solid Rock we stand, All other ground is sinking sand. Thank God, He shows us the Beauty that surrounds us, so we can live our lives in Hope, when we see the injustices and all the ugliness of a fallen world. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Take care Joe. You have a great eye and I really enjoy looking through your lens.Thank you for all you share here on your blog.

    God Bless you and your family.
    Dianne :)

  5. Hi Joe, Your words sure fit for me today. I didnt want to move on from what you wrote to the most beautiful views. Im with you and we can do our part by being part of the hands and feet of our Lord giving thanks for each and eveything he gives us , learning from all of it and keeping it all safe in our walk, and even being a light for someone no matter how big or small. I agree with you. What is happening to our counties with the minds of people ??
    I m in love with the yellow door. Beautiful. I love each photo . How interesting. Nice that you all got together , travel sharing . Your Mom is just Beautiful. She just glows. I spent most of the day working and half of it was giving thanks for even the smallest thing to what seems big in my life. Your a blessing.
    Keep sharing.
    May all the Anthonys find peace and all whos lives have been touched.

  6. I love all the stone in every shape and size. :)

  7. Hi Joe..
    your right, tomorrow is not ours.. nor is the next minute.. trust and faith pave ones road..
    as for our justice system..its been broken for a long time.. as for Casey Anthony.. most had her condemned before the trial..there is more to this story.. I for one don't think she killed her daughter.. I do believe that it was an accident..and that her father is the one who covered it up.. my thoughts anyway.. no matter.. its done and over with.. and they all need lots of prayer.. and healing.. what gets me the most .. is that no one really is innocent before proven guilty.. the media puts out its slant. and we not only pick it up.. but absorb it as truth..without really checking it out for ourselves.. because after all the media knows all right? we are living in a very sinful time.. and its only going to get worse.. but thankfully we do know how it ends.. its just the inbetween times that are going to be a real bitch!

  8. Your mum is look very nice Joe, and your children too,as you know I really enjoyed commentary of your photos.
    I guess people who lived there has along life?
    not much to worried about it?
    It is cold wet weather for last two weeks well
    the winter's time.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  9. Your picture are awesome. Such beauty and so many interesting sites. A wonderful post Joe, as always.

  10. Beautiful photos Joe. Great shots, all of them.
    Your girls are extremely lucky to have you and Lovely for parents. Bless you all.

  11. I love these slow walks thru your photos. Glimpses of this and that with words very thoughtful in what you saw. I love the photo of your daughter and son and Lovely. Very unique. Ireland is such an enchanted country. All those chimneys actually once so polluted the cities. Now so many like quiet statues in the sky. Wonderful post Joe. Have a great week. Hugs Carrie

  12. ♫ *´”)
    ,¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ Personally, i think that we need to stop calling it a justice system and refer to it more as a legal system. There seems to be less and less justice served through this so-called legal system. I may have to "take" the jury's verdict but I definitely don't have to respect. The jury checked their brains at the door - not surprising they ran for their lives and didn't talk to the media. I'd love to put them on trial for stupidity. I mean seriously??!!! Why is it that someone change their story repeatedly, spread different lies, and still receive a NOT GUILTY verdict. What does it say about us as a people when a woman can murder her daughter, not report her missing for 31 days, lie, lie, lie and lie some more, Blame the parents who were so obviously in love with that little girl, blame anyone and everyone she has ever met and still get a jury of her 'peers' to find her not guilty. This is very sad.

  13. ♫ *´”)
    ,¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ Happy be-lated Fourth of July to you and yours. I trust that you all enjoyed the day, a day truly worth celebrating.
    Once again, you have blessed us with marvelous photos from your trip and if they say that a picture is worth a thousand words... oh my, we would have a lot of reading to do hear on your page! Well worth it, no doubt! But your pictures speak volume without words.

  14. Joe this blog is one of the most lovely you have posted. i am in no way exaggerating when i say that with your photos, you took me along in a very real-to-me way. superb photos and excellent blog.