Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Day with Joseph

My dear African brother Joseph (a.k.a. the Black Eagle) is a very busy man.  He is a man of vision and one of the most powerful men I’ve ever met.  Yet he has always been very gracious to me.  This grace has now extended to my family and that has been a very wonderful thing to witness.  I didn’t have an easy time getting pictures of things as I’d like on this trip.  We are extremely busy when we are there and often when we have time off I just feel like it takes a lot of energy to start running around and taking pictures.  People are also not always friendly to the idea of having their picture taken so you have to be careful when and where you take photos.  One day my brother decided to take just Lovely, I and the kids out to the beach and to lunch.  This was a rare and exquisite treat!  The beaches usually have a wonderful breeze that cools the otherwise sweltering day however as you can see from the mist here the humidity remains high.  This day on the beach I witness a couple of Africans swimming in the water…there’s something about this scene that just feels right to me.  There are many houses and shacks along the beachso we kept our eyes open for fishermen who might sell their catch to us.  It was days like this that I envied my children’s half Asian blood the most…I have to be careful in the sun while they just tan beautifully.  Both my daughter Danielle and my son Mike enjoyed the water that day so muchand looking at this beach can you blame them?  I saw only one lone boat lying on the beach with some scattered refusein fact outside of a lone beach combing dog there was pretty much nobody else around.  I looked down the beach and wondered if the distant structure was the castle I had visited so many years beforebut later found out it was a place where the president of Ghana goes on occasion.  Joseph is always so good to the kids, and he really loves GabbyHe never fails to bring them something when he came to visit us in the house were were staying.  He’s really good to Danielle as well.  You may be wondering why I don’t have another picture of Mike…well, someone had to get very wet and had and sand in places we don’t want to mention so he was cleaning himself up LOL!  Here’s a shot of Joseph and I.  Finally we found a fisherman selling sea snails (which Lovely in particular really loves) but Gabby just felt they were “cute”.  I don’t think that the fisherman would have let us take his picture unless we were buying his wares…we bought them all.  Sadly our cooking experiment didn’t work out very well and they tasted mostly of sand even though we did all we could to clean them…better luck next time.  Later on we had the best lunch ever with some classic Ghanaian foods present.  Joseph was so much fun to hang out with.  They had some Karaoke playing old songs and Joseph danced with the kids…I’ll share video later…you’d have to see it to believe it!  Some say ministry can only happen behind the pulpit or in the church.  I say the world is a congregation and our lives are the pulpit.  Times between meetings felt very rich and a part of all that we did in various churches.  It didn’t matter if we were preaching, teaching, laying hands on people or chasing lizards on the compound during our day off…it was all ministry, all unforgettable and all a blessing!  


  1. How wonderful to see such beauty and brotherhood through you eyes. I can see myself sitting on the beach and looking out at the wonders that God has created.

  2. Hi Joe.. Wow your white compared you your brother. :) Hope you smile. I loved your blog and in the beauty of all the white sand and beaches., in the rundown home and abandoned boat I still can read the beauty and peace with in your words. You have come back with a peace that you may have had when you left , yet I can just feel it here. Love the beach .Wow. That sky is amaizng. God sure looked after you all there. I continue to lift you all up in my prayers as you finish the last round of meds.
    I can see why you were called back and will be time and again . Your a witness to me of the Great power with in us all to rise up, share what and who we are and what we belive to be truth. I can only imagine Gods engery , power and hear the prayers of the people as you all layed hands on each other and prayed in the peace of God.
    Mike in the Water. Joe that photo speaks a thousand words or more.
    Stay warm my friend. Have a great weekend coming up , Thanks for your prayers Joe.
    Dianne has the flu very badly .Remember her in your prayers.
    We will be back next week and I will catch up then. Your a Blessing to all of us who visit you here.

  3. Outstanding post, Joe! I felt like I was right there with all of you, and yes, I had a great feeling about Joseph myself! So heartwarming and heartfilling (I made up that word; it's good, isn't it). Now the dog on the beach I would have had to gather up, name, and take home. Then there are the snails. I'm right there with Lovely on that -- YUMMMMM, with garlic butter!
    Everything in Ghana is so special. Even the shacks have a feeling and a word of their own to add to this old world. You and your family, as you already know, are very, very lucky to be part of all this. And I'm very lucky to be able to see it and read about it in such detail. Love to your family, Joe :D

  4. Hello Joe,

    Like what you say about ministry, pulpits and congregations, have a blessed weekend - Nita

  5. Hi Joe,
    The beach are hadly seen people thats is nice in peaceful, Is that too hot to swimming?
    The Sea Snails:you need to be soaked in salt waters for all night then you going to cooked.
    I never have eating Sea-Snails yet:-)
    Otherwise the sands all over in your mouth.
    Joesph is nice man Isn't he? I love to seen you find nice people up there Joe though you are willing to became friendly to others.
    Your family are look so happir and it was nice to all your family to be together.
    Enjoy your day,

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the post and certainly the pictures! The kids looked super and I can see they were enjoying their time with Joseph. And he with them. Can't get enough pictures. It's the only way I will ever see the area.
    All of you look supremely happy.

  7. Thanks for sharing your pictures, feels as if I'm there as well. I've never tried eating sea snails, better you than me. I must admit I like British food the best, I feel safe with it. I'm not that keen on new things but will have a try a bite of most things.

    Have a lovely day
    Hugs Lady Jude

  8. Empty beaches
    u have to watch out for sunburn Joe i can see
    i have the same problem.. i know abt taking fotos..always ask first.and Gaby she is so easy to love and ur elder kids are bauties..U and ur wify must be so proud.
    tc Joe it was a pleasure to be here on ur WP
    and Black Eagle is hhhmm Thumbs up
    tc have a lovely evening

  9. Joe, I am so sorry that I am just now finding your blog spot. The pictures are wonderful and the words too. What a great experience for you all.

  10. It's wonderful that you all had a friend there and could enjoy the sights with, beautiful beach. No sea snails for me
    I saw your weather widget....snow.

  11. What a wonderful post and photos really told the story of your day. So glad you had some chances to just relax. Must be so different the cold back home again. You look so young in the photo like a teenager and yes so pale. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful journey and more. Hugs Carrie

  12. Joe, I enjoyed reading post, and it looks like your day with Joseph was a day to remember for sure.Loved all the photos as well. I am wondering why there wasn't more people on the beach? I found it all very facinating.It is a trip I am sure you and your family will remember and talk about for a long time.

    I see it is snowing there where you live. What a contrast to where you were such a short time ago.:) Now you are getting ready to celebrate Thankgiving, and before you know it, Christmas. It seems the time just flys no matter what.

    Well you take care, and have a great weekend, Joe.
    Thoughts and Prayers
    Dianne :)

  13. Hi Joe
    what a story
    u take us with u in the life there.Its so good to see the foto u with Joseph. And ur kids as cute as always
    so totally different in the surroundings. u did such a good job there Im proud Joe.
    tc and share more
    i love to read

  14. Hi, Joe, thanks for the nice email. I loved the little snow pic. I saved it. Your weather is brutal and I hope ya'll stay safe and warm. I'd love to see some snow photos too.

  15. A day at the beach enjoying the water and friendship. Was too bad the snail experiment didn't turn out. I can imagine having a foot of snow the memories of the hot sun and beach looks good right about now. Always a pleasure to read your blogs my friend. I hope the weather finds you warm and comfortable.

  16. Hi my friend
    How are you ? long time is i don'd have any news from you ..
    i saved your pics..gabby , danielle and mike..
    what a good weather and i'm sure you had a good time in africa:)lucky for you ..:)
    kiss gabby and i miss you and your family..
    marina :)

  17. Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family