Monday, October 18, 2010

A Hot Day Without Another Power Outage

I've been sticking to my story as far as not posting when I can't put up any pictures however I find myself wanting so much to express my appreciation for those that have supported me both with prayer and finances.  For those that have given financially to me (you know who you are) I want to say that it's been because of you that I've been able to give more in the offerings then I have in the past.  The custom is to give every service...let me tell you we've had a lot of services and now that they've revamped the local currency it's not cheap to give when we have nearly endless meetings.  That said I feel really good about being able to support what the locals are doing here...they have been wonderful and the work that has been done has been incredible.  We have worked with the people on many levels with praise and worship and not letting a single person out of the room without receiving matter how many their be.  If we give prophecies to one then they all get it.  This is exhausting beyond measure and diffcult to blog about since the net is very unreliable and the power is often now...I'm on generator power right now as I type this just hoping we don't have any trouble with that.  Even our days off consist of running out and trying to get food for the household and other things we need.  Going out is a long and difficult process.  The roads here are often not only dirt...even in this their capital city but they are also in need of repare and have huge holes and bumps that make travle dangerous and exhausting.  I want to share more of these things when I get home but for now this is just a note.  If anyone wants to contact me please feel free to leave a comment either here or at my e-mail address at  It's been a bummer with e-mail sometimes not doing what I want.  Sometimes I can send things out but I have to do it differently than before and it's annoying with the slow connection speeds leaving pages needing to be reloaded several times before I can get a message done and sent.  Thanks for being patient...I really love you all who have been supportive.  God bless and keep you!


  1. Joe
    We are so spoiled here in the US so that when the real world pops up and things are different there is a hard time adjusting.

    consider the time of Christ, travel was by foot and one had to grow and supply most of their food. There was a market but no super markets.

    When I go into a third world country I am so thankful when I get home for what I have been bless with.

    Hang in there and walk in the strength of Christ for he shall supply all your needs.

  2. I love you too Joe and everything that you're doing. It has been more than a pleasure to see a blog although I never expected one.

    It must be rewarding of course but the hardships are certainly there. It is more than I could do but then,. if I were called to it..then I would be able to do it. Discomfort is not a consideration when you are called to a mission.

    I will send an email with a question..and though it looks as though the Admiral did this comment, she just lent me her signature since I was helping her with her blog.

    Thinking of you all.

  3. Hey Carole, how wonderful to hear from you! It truly is a grace thing. It is not an easy business for sure but the rewards are great. People I can see are being genuinely touched and it's a wonderful blessing to witness that. So many years have passed but in some ways it's like stepping right back where we left off. Lord how I miss being able to just easily communicate with everyone. We're past the half way mark now. Will be home around one in the afternoon on the first of November. The schedule will be brutal up to the end with a meeting and a long drive the day we leave...ah yes, this is Africa. Feel free to send mail to me for sure.

  4. Could not leave a post. Maybe this time.
    Take care and God bless you.

  5. John your words ring so true. This is so much closer to the life Christ dealt with day by day while here on this earth. I remain in awe of the things we have that we take for granted every single day. Yet in all of this I find people that are so inspiring and wonderful. Thanks so much for the word my friend.

  6. I cannot imagine the heat there and I hope the generator is helping with it as well as your PC. You all are sacrificing so much to be there and I hope and pray that many will become Christians as you preach the Word.

  7. Have only been following your post on FB for a short while and found your blog link today on the Spaces family page. What a great blog to read and so inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Joe not sure now if my last comment went thru I forget about the other step on has to take here sometimes. I Hit the post then close the page and move on. Anyway my friend you are a much stronger person now then when you made your last visit. May God's light shine thru you even brighter this visit. Don't forget to recharge. Hugs Carrie

  9. Hey Toodie, not sure why you couldn't post but I'm glad even a tidbit made it...miss you my friend.

  10. My dear friend G.G. the sacrifice is worth it. I always remember that we walk in the footsteps of those that are more noble than we. The meetings have been effective and powerful and the people have been very responsive. They've also been good to us however the schedule is exhausting and the few days we do have off are usually spent running to refill our supplies. Grace to you, thank you so much for commenting.

  11. MissBeth, I'm glad indeed that you saw the link I left up there. I thought that having a link to those that were on WLS was a fantastic idea and it's paying off all the time! Sadly I'm in a place where it's very tough to keep up. I will be home in a couple weeks and then it will be much, much are most welcome here!

  12. Greetings Carrie, I appreciate your comment my friend. It's a big work but I can feel it inside of me too for sure. I don't see much of a chance to take a break until we get home. Always something to do here. Blessings to you, it truly is great to hear from you!

  13. Hi Joe,

    Good to see this post from you - thank you also for visiting and sending comments to me. I ask that our lord will continue to inspire and protect you and your family, as he strengthens you all as you serve him so well. Amen

  14. Hi Joe, You are doing a fantastic job though
    imagine it seems lots things are behind in other countries? but that sort of countries are need help and the God sent you Joe.
    hope all your family members are happy too.
    Thank your post,

  15. Good to hear from Australia michiko! There are certainly things left behind when we are on a trip like this however I feel that with my family being here I have the best thing with me of all: those I love.

  16. Thanks very much Nita for stopping by. I've really tried to keep up with people as I could but it is really limiting here with the power outages and internet problems. I appreciate every single bit of prayer!

  17. Joe, sounds like you are having a great experience, it does the soul good to be face with challenges along the way. The journey can seem dull on an road that is to easy. Always believe in the strength of prayer Joe and you shall always be guided.

    Hugs Angel girl

  18. Lady J you're right. Great victories can only come from great battles!

  19. Hi Joe, sounds like a real adventure. I hope things continue to go well and God blesses all your work. Stay safe :)

  20. Never a dull moment Gerry, that's for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

  21. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You


  22. Oh Joe how i admire u for what u do.
    its always easy said...but doing is something else
    i have an idea abt the things u have there...or can i say U dont have. We are used to use electricity by pushing a button but its not like that for so many ppl. Ur always in my head with ur family..
    Cos now ur in my time space/TC my friend and succes Dont worry we stay here and wait when u and ur family are back home

  23. Hi Joe, Came looking for you so I could follow you as well.
    Take care and God Bless!

  24. Hey Sherry, great to hear from you and even better to keep in contact!

  25. Hi Joe,
    God is so good to let you keep in contact with us..
    its always a very humbling experence when one sees how the rest of the world would think dirt roads where for the back country..not in cities..we are a pretty spoiled nation..with all the comforts we have..perhaps by you being there will wake up some people here on just how good life really is..
    but it seems like we never do realize what we have until we don't have it..
    this trip like the ones before will be rewarded in ways that are beyond our understanding..
    as much as I want you back on safer grounds..I know your well taken care of.. and that alone keeps me strong in faith..
    you are such a blessing Joe..
    thinking of you today..keeping the candle lit..along with prayers.
    softest of all hugs..

  26. Thank you for stopping by Hope. You've been a faithful friend and that's really such a blessing to me. This trip is winding down now and we can all feel it. Soon we'll be sitting in the cold in Montana wondering how it could be that we were just a short time ago sweating in Ghana, West Africa. The risk to trips like this is ever present however at the same time the huge benefits are there too. I never regret things like this and recognize them for the blessing that they are. God bless and keep you my friend.

  27. I was thinking Joe
    the check points...The road to Colombo in LTTE times.
    always guys with guns.
    Being confronted with poor ppl i mean POOR it makes u humble and gratefull

  28. Yes, many people don't understand what it's like to have police or soldiers around that aren't on their side or be in situations where things could go terribly wrong at any moment and you could end up in a crossfire. I still had a far worse situation in India where I was beaten by a police officer because we were swept up into a political riot...nasty business that. There's poor then there's poor. Our church at home is in a very dangerous neighborhood but this here...well, let's say it rivals what I've seen anywere else in the world thus far.